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Prestigious award for Shawcity

30 January 2019

SHAWCITY IS delighted to announce that they have been awarded International Distributor of the Year 2018 by OHD LLLP, manufacturers of the Quantifit fit testing system.

Quantifit was launched in the UK and Ireland by Shawcity in January 2018 and the introduction of this game-changing fit testing technology has achieved success beyond all expectation. Initial sales targets have become a distant memory as organisations across many industries have proved keen to engage with the simplified technology that Quantifit offers.

Quantifit works on the premise of measuring mask fit through controlled negative pressure (CNP), which is already referenced as a fit testing method in the HSE document OC 282/28. Quantifit establishes and maintains a slight vacuum within the mask, then measures any air leak rate.

As Quantifit can be used in any environment - indoor or outdoor - testers are able to take the unit to the user for minimal workplace disruption. The system is unaffected by users smoking before the test and is operational within minutes of arrival. It is also perfect for offshore use.

With no additional consumables required and a virtually maintenance-free system, the ground-breaking Quantifit system offers lower long-term cost of ownership. The REDON protocol (take the mask off, put it back on) is also available which helps to educate users in the correct fitting and use of a respirator.

Shawcity’s MD Neil O’Regan said, "We have been working with the BSIF and the Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme to ensure that CNP as a technology is more widely available under the scheme.

"Quantifit has already succeeded in changing the way fit testing is undertaken in the UK and Ireland and 2019 is shaping up to be another phenomenal year."