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Connected single gas detector

18 October 2022

NOW AVAILABLE to order from Shawcity across the UK and Ireland, the new G6 from Blackline Safety is the latest exciting development in their connected technology range. With real-time data and an extended life span, this single gas detection wearable device also comes with cost-effective ownership options.

With cloud connectivity and data insights, the G6 helps organisations to respond to, and prevent, safety incidents and manage compliance. In a new era of diligence, single gas detection data is now available in real time in the cloud providing visibility on worker location during incidents.

Gas sensor options for G6 include carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and sulphur dioxide. Other features include rapid location of workers via GPS and live alerts, as well as the ability to find lost devices and automatically update firmware over-the-air. G6 also features cellular communications and satellite connectivity.

Designed for durability, the G6 has a rechargeable battery with up to one year’s battery life and has a four-year lifespan – twice that of most disposable models – to support sustainability goals. 

Lastly, G6 has the options of ownership or leasing to help minimise capital expenditure and manage budgets with a warranty included for the length of the term.

For more information, visit, www.shawcity.co.uk