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Truly portable fit testing has arrived with QuantiFit2

08 March 2021

SHAWCITY IS delighted to announce the launch of QuantiFit2 from OHD. The latest version of the mask-fit tester, which uses patented controlled negative pressure (CNP) technology, is packed with improved features.

QuantiFit2 now has a rechargeable battery with more than four hours of active run time. The unit can be used literally anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with minimal interruption to working routines and no reliance on environmental conditions. QuantiFit2 is ready to use within two minutes of arriving on-site with no time-consuming set-up or warm-up period.

QuantiFit2 does not require consumables such as alcohol solutions, wicks or probes, dramatically simplifying cleaning as well as keeping cost of ownership and maintenance low.

The new colour touchscreen displays clear animations to guide subjects through the test sequence, which adheres to the HSE protocol referenced in INDG 479.

Shawcity says that QuantiFit2 is the best solution for fit testing reusable masks during the pandemic. It is the only technology to offer fit testing outdoors, which is a healthier, more ventilated environment, and its cordless new autostart function reduces contact to enable a 2m social distance.

For more information, visit www.shawcity.co.uk