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Noise dosimetry and MEMS technology

17 June 2021

DOSIMETRY IS a key part of monitoring and understanding employee exposure to noise in the workplace.

Worn on the wearer’s shoulder close to the ear, personal dosimeters today can record voice comments as well as audio events. 

But, due to the nature of the environments and heavy industries in which they are used, dosimeters can be exposed to dust, dirt and moisture which impact both the microphone’s performance and reduce its overall lifespan. 

The common technology is also very fragile and sensitive so they can easily be damaged out in the field. Consequently, it is common for microphones to fail and incur repair costs, as well as the downtime meaning an interruption to monitoring projects. 

As technology has developed, the most recent MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) microphones are a much more reliable option due to their robust design.

MEMs technology is very resistant to mechanical damage and also uses less power which therefore extends the battery life, while still offering accuracy to a Class Two level. 

Shawcity supplies noise dosimeters which contain MEMS microphones, to purchase or to hire from as little as £50 per month. Svantek, its partner manufacturer, is so confident of the quality it now offer lifetime warranties on their MEMS microphones.