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Fit testing freedom with QuantiFit2

21 February 2023

QUANTIFIT, THE award-winning face fit testing system from OHD, has just achieved a major accomplishment having received approval from the U.S. Navy.

Widely-used in the US, QuantiFit2 is already used by hundreds of major organisations including the FBI, CIA, NYPD, LA Fire Department, Exxon, Boeing and Proctor & Gamble.

QuantiFit2 now has a growing customer base in the UK and its controlled negative pressure (CNP) protocols are referenced in the HSE’s INDG479 ‘Guidance on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fit testing’. 

Developed by the BSIF alongside industry stakeholders, the ‘Fit2Fit’ scheme for RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation also has a guide dedicated to CNP technology.

Shawcity says, "Offering a simpler alternative to traditional ambient particle counting (APC), QuantiFit2 works by using controlled negative pressure and has features that set it apart from other quantitative fit testing technologies.

"Unlike APC technology, QuantiFit2 has no reliance on specific environmental conditions. It also does not require consumables such as alcohol solutions, salt fogs or probes which dramatically simplifies cleaning routines as well as keeping cost of ownership and maintenance low."

Another benefit of QuantiFit2 is the rechargeable battery, which offers more than four hours of active run time and can be swapped out in the field. Offered exclusively by Shawcity in the UK and Ireland, the mask-fit tester is available to hire or buy.