On-site legionella testing

14 August 2019

HUGHES ARE now able to offer the option of on-site legionella testing of your safety showers and eye wash units as part of your regular service.

Every employer is responsible for controlling the risks from a range of hazardous substances in order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees. Legionella bacteria is one such hazardous substance which is potentially fatal. By their very nature, emergency safety showers and eye washes possess certain traits that pose a risk factor. Routine weekly inspections and regular servicing can help mitigate the risk however a specific legionella test provides reliable confirmation that your emergency safety showers and eye washes are safe to use.

Hughes can provide accurate, reliable results in just 25 minutes allowing for a speedy response plan if necessary.

  • View the frequently asked questions to learn more, such as;
  • What is legionnaire's disease and how is it caused?
  • Why do I need to test my emergency safety showers and eye wash units for legionella?
  • What happens if the test is positive?

To schedule a service visit or to find out more about the on-site legionella testing please contact us.

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