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Digital access control

26 June 2015

Physical security product supplier Securikey has launched two new models as part of its Keylex digital door lock range: the Keylex 700AR Series for commercial applications and the Keylex 700M Series for domestic use.

The Securikey Keylex 700AR is suitable for use on LL standard duty, high security external door installations requiring either the Adams Rite 4710 or 4720ANSI Deadlatch. Its narrow design also makes this model suitbale for stile widths down to 60mm. It is particularly well suited for use on aluminium or hollow metal door sections. An inbuilt ‘free exit’ feature enables users to depart through the door without code entry, regardless of the lock status, ensuring strict control for those accessing the building while allowing a quick and easy exit for those who have authorisation to enter. If required, the ‘passage function’ feature allows free passage from both sides at the security manager’s discretion.

The 700M Keylex model is suitable for all residential external doors where a conventional multi-point lock is required and offers two modes of operation depending on the level of security required. In both instances, unless double locked, the inside lever is always operable so residents and visitors can easily exit the property, and there are various possible configurations to control access from outside by code or key. If required, the key override facility allows key holders access in all instances, which is more convenient as they do not need to know the user code. Featuring a narrow stile design, the 700M model is ideal for PVCu, aluminium and hollow metal door sections.

Both the 700AR and the 700M models are built to the same high standard as the rest of the Securikey Keylex range and will withstand many hundreds of operations per day for years of reliable service. Their entirely mechanical operation means that there is no complicated electrical wiring involved, ensuring quick and easy installation and straightforward use. Code combinations of up to 12 buttons can be set if desired, with over 4,000 selectable code permutations, and reinstating security is quick and easy if a code is ever compromised. For added security, a slipping clutch mechanism protects against forced attack or vandalism from the outside and the brushed stainless steel buttons prevent usage being indicated.

Both models are suitable for use on all internal doors and external perimeter doors, including timber, aluminium, steel, PVCu and composite doors. Securikey extends the options still further by offering factory-fitted modifications such as extended fixings, spindles and free passage turns to suit doors up to 75mm (700AR model) or 80mm (700M model).

Securikey’s complete range of existing Keylex mechanical digital door locks offer the perfect access control solution for nearly any building, whether domestic, light commercial or heavy industrial, thereby eradicating the need for keys, cards or tokens that could be lost, stolen or damaged. With four Keylex ranges depending on the level of security required, including Mini, Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty, there is a model to suit any specification.

For those requiring information on the new Keylex 700AR and 700M models, or to receive advice on selecting a digital door lock to match specific requirements, Securikey is always available to help. www.securikey.co.uk