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All chemicals labelled? Get the free CLP/GHS Guide

10 April 2015

After June 2015, all dangerous chemical substances and mixtures need to carry a predefined CLP-label (Classification, Labelling and Packaging). Now is the time to act! Take your chance and get our free CLP/GHS Solutions Guide!

To warn employees, handlers, customers and everyone who could get exposed, a system of pictograms and safety messages has been developed to label dangerous chemicals and chemical mixtures. To comply with regulation, a CLP label needs hazard pictograms, the relevant signal word, hazard & precautionary statements, the name, address and telephone number of the supplier, the nominal quantity of a substance or mixture in the package, and product identifiers. It also communicates how to avoid health risk or to remedy exposure.

Successful CLP-labelling

Brady’s quality printing systems provide companies with compliant CLP label templates and symbols, creating a flexible and easy to use in-house CLP Label printing solution. The CLP labels wizard, integrated in Brady’s Markware Signmaking Software, offers a straightforward way to create compliant CLP-labels in a limited number of easy steps. In combination with Brady DIY printer, offer on-site CLP label creation capabilities that are always compliant and ready on demand.

Download our free CLP/GHS Solutions Guide!