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MiniPID sensors direct from ION Science

03 March 2022

ION SCIENCE is available to support customers who have any questions about the transition away from Alphasense supply, and they can be assured there is no change in product quality, choice, or availability.

Customers who were purchasing MiniPID (PID-A1 or AH variants) through Alphasense or their distributors are now encouraged to source PID sensor directly from the global ION Science offices. ION Science says it offers the best PID sensor lead times on the market. 

The types of instruments that ION Science sensors are used in should never be subject to compromise. Many can contribute to saving lives, preventing serious health effects, and protecting the environment. Equipping the right kind of sensor is essential to ensure your business remains compliant, safe, and certified.

MiniPID benefits include patented fence electrode technology, which provides market-leading humidity resistance and anti-contamination design for accurate detection in the harshest of conditions. Staying with MiniPID ensures you won’t compromise your instrument’s performance.

The MiniPID range of sensors goes beyond just one single base model. The company's dedicated research and development team has engineered a suite of sensors based on market feedback to ensure that whatever a customer requires, there is a sensor fit for purpose.