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Portable decontamination misting shower

13 July 2020

Hughes Safety Showers have launched the PORTAdec 500, a portable multi-nozzle decontamination misting shower, suitable for general use as part of overall hygiene facilities or for the decontamination of PPE prior to removal.

In these unprecedented times as more businesses begin to re-open, the safety of the workforce is paramount. With the PORTAdec 500, users are provided with a top to toe decontamination via a fine mist of electrolysed water. 100% safe for human use, and of no danger to the environment, this disinfectant solution is non-toxic and can be used on clothes and skin. In addition, a self-sanitising mat at the base of the unit ensures the soles of shoes are decontaminated prior to stepping onto the drying area of the demarcation zone mat.

A 15 litre cylinder is filled with the electrolyzed water and requires no power, allowing the unit to be entirely portable and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. All components are stored within a transportable case on wheels and are quickly deployed.

“With over 50 years expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of emergency safety showers, eye/ face wash and decontamination equipment, Hughes are ideally placed to offer innovative engineered solutions for demanding life-saving situations and for the current circumstances we now face”, commented Paul Darlington, Managing Director of Hughes Safety Showers. “With enquiries from manufacturing and petrochemical sites to dentists and adult learning centres, we believe this product could help many types of businesses in supporting their COVID-19 containment strategies.”

View more information online, including a short video of the PORTAdec 500 in use.