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BSIF Commended Product Innovation Awards

17 April 2017

The following companies were awarded a Commended Award for the BSIF Product Innovation Awards 2017.

Centurion Safety: Nexus Safety Helmet Range (Core, Linesman & Heightmaster)

Introduced in June 2016, the Nexus safety helmet range consists of the CORE (a base, general purpose safety helmet), Linesman (the CORE helmet with a 4-point harness) and Heightmaster (a Working at Height helmet) variants which enable Nexus to cover the user across a multitude of applications.

The product range is modular, with the ability to adapt the safety helmet to suit the task at hand. Following extensive global research, Centurion found that chinstrap usage is becoming more specified in growing regions such as Scandinavia and Asia. The Nexus range incorporates the new premium Dry-Tech sweatband. Dry-Tech is proven to not only absorb moisture 4x faster but also dries up to 40% quicker than Centurion's previous Hydro-Flock sweatband, due to its high tech wicking performance found within the medical industry.

An innovative ventilation system utilising the Venturi effect provides maximum cooling. Heat from the head rises to the top of the helmet and the airflow inside the helmet then escapes through the Venturi aperture. The movement of the hot air rising is being enhanced by the speed with which it leaves the shell due to the Venturi Effect. The hot air is being drawn out of the aperture by the temperature differential and so flows faster outside of the helmet due to the funnel effect of the Venturi design.

Following extensive market research, Centurion found that working at height is a rapidly growing market segment, and so too are the injuries that result from this high risk environment. In 2016, in the UK alone, there were more than 600,000 injuries causes from falls from height. Furthermore, falls from height accounted for the highest percentage of fatalities in the workplace with 26%. With these statistics in mind, it is clear why we have started to see recreational helmets, conforming to EN12492 standard, entering the Industrial sector. According to Centurion, these stylish helmets, enable wearers to look good on site, but also bring with them a number of frustrations: They were very expensive and creating a barrier to entry for many companies to latch onto this higher EN 12492 standard; The range was limited to working from height solutions, with no versatility to offer safety helmets for other roles on site; They were not attuned to the industrial user who wants a wider solution such as seasonal accessories, face protection, ear defenders and logo service; User needs like increased ventilation, chin straps which are removable and differentiated based on colour to help health & safety differentiate for the various risks on site.

Centurion utilised all of this market and user insight, to design the Nexus range in such a way that redefined what a safety helmets should be, bridging the gap between stylish recreational helmets and the standard industrial safety helmets of today. For example, Nexus has modularity built in as standard, this unique feature allows a standard Industrial helmet to be converted in-field to a Working at Height helmet (simply through the attachment of the Liner and Chin strap), protecting the user in a multitude of environments. To maximise the versatility, Nexus is the only helmet confirming to EN12492 offering a removable chin strap (for improved hygiene) as well as integrated eyewear solutions. All this innovation supported by Centurion’s stamp of 40 plus years of BSI Kitemark and support of RSSS.

Blackline Safety: G7

Introduced on October 17, 2016, with Blackline Safety's new G7 connected safety device, businesses are able to respond to a gas leak, health event or injury in seconds by connecting the person-worn monitor with a 24/7 monitoring team.

According to Blackline, the G7 is the first system in the world to deliver work-anywhere wireless, two-way voice communication, text messaging, evacuation management and complete customization for every business. When trouble strikes, instantly mass-notify teams of a hazard in the area. This device allows teams to work anywhere with confidence. Cellular and satellite connectivity options ensure that everyone remains in contact no matter how remote.

The modular design of G7 not only delivers customisation but it future-proofs safety programmes. Choose from standard, single and quad-gas cartridge options and select gases that meet your needs. When gas sensors reach the end of their service life, replace with a pre-calibrated cartridge in seconds. Never configure devices or update firmware via USB again. G7 configures wirelessly in seconds. and Firmware updates are seamless too, occurring automatically over the air. Blackline's in-house monitoring team provides around-the-clock monitoring of every employee, managing every alert.

Conventional gas detectors are similar to a smoke alarm—when they sense trouble, they call for help with lights and sound. Employees remain disconnected and co-workers do not know of a call for help if they are beyond the reach of the audible alarm. Without the use of active, connected technology, it could take hours for an employee to be found, losing the chance to improve the employee's outcome. Further, if an employee is in danger due to a gas leak, others may be exposed to the same risk.

Blackline says the G7 changes the game by addressing the core problems of connectivity, location and detection. The company didn’t just add gas detection either—it’s a complete re-design of how gas detection integrates with connected safety technology to detect man-down incidents and falls. Instead of conventional sound and light alarms, the device automatically alerts third-party monitoring personnel. Employees can also call for help, plus a two-way speakerphone and text messaging allows live monitoring to manage incidents confidently.

According to Blackline, it  was the first to combine lone worker monitoring with infrastructure-free 3G wireless communications, GPS location awareness, and multi-gas detection. G7 is the first product on the market with replaceable sensor cartridges, and free sensor replacements with service plans allow businesses to future-proof their safety programs.

It tightly couples businesses with their entire workforce, providing the means to most efficiently respond to every safety incident in ways that are not currently done without expensive Wi-Fi networks, infrastructure or software. The evacuation capability allows monitoring personnel to mass-notify devices via a voice message with the ability to account for each device-user’ location on the portal.

G7 was built with a modular design, allowing the gas cartridges to be removed from the base unit and replaced independently when gas sensors reach the end of their serviceable life. Sensor replacements are all included with service plans so businesses never have to buy new sensors again.
With Blackline’s usage reporting, businesses are able to review and prove compliance without having to deal with messy spreadsheets or handwritten logs.