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VOC monitor for leak detection

07 October 2016

Ion Science has recently provided 12 TVOC fixed volatile organic compound (VOC) monitors as part of a successful tender by its distributor, Amos Gazit, for the design, supply and installation of a complete gas detection solution at Israel-based hazardous materials logistics handling company Globus.

Globus has established the largest logistics handling centre for hazardous materials in Israel. The 23,000 metre facility extends over 25.6 acres. 

Ra'anan Katz from Amos Gazit said: “There are a wide range of hazardous materials that require monitoring at the Globus facility. With potential VOCs such as Toulene, Heptane, Dioxane, Tetrahydrofuran, Dimethyl, Formamide, Dichloromethane, we were quick to recommend the Ion Science TVOC fixed PID as a robust, reliable and accurate leak detection solution for this application.”

Some of the TVOC fixed VOC monitors have been installed within Globus’ reinforced concrete storage building for hazardous materials. It is divided into six separate areas with three storage rooms in each section. There are two TVOC monitors located in opposite corners of each room.

In addition, several TVOC systems have been fitted in refrigerated containers which are also being used by Globus to store hazardous substances. 

Ra'anan continued: “There are numerous chemical substances present in the storage rooms but the area isn’t generally accessed by people, except when transporting materials to and from the units using a forklift, so we were confident the application required a leak detection solution rather than TLV monitoring.”

The gas detection control system is located externally and linked to horn and strobe units which are triggered by alarms generated by the TVOC monitors in each section. Operators are alerted via SMS text messages sent to mobile devices using an integral cellular modem.

Suitable for use in manufacturing and process industries where VOCs are typically present, the Ion Science TVOC boasts a selectable detection range of 0-10 parts per million (ppm), 0-100ppm or 0-1000ppm. The unit’s advanced PID capabilities utilise the Ion Science advanced patented Fence Electrode technology, a three-electrode format with increased resistance to humidity and contamination.