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Detecting success: ION Science nominated for award

10 October 2021

THE CUB 11.7 eV personal gas detection solution from ION Science has been nominated for a Technical Innovation award.

The company, a specialist in gas detection and analysis, has been recognised for its hard work across all teams with a nomination for Technical Innovation at the 2021 HazardEx Awards.

ION Science says the launch of the Cub 11.7 eV personal solution was a step forward for gas detection and personal protection against VOC (volatile organic compound) exposure. Due to the efforts of the dedicated teams and expert employees, ION Science was able to bring this new product to market in 2021, transforming the way 11.7 gases are detected and safety upheld. 

Developing instruments that can protect individuals and ensure effective protection against VOC exposure is of vital importance, particularly in the 11.7 range of gases. ION Science drew upon the wide knowledge and technical skills held within their in-house teams in order to successfully research, develop and launch the Cub 11.7 eV to market. 

As a leading OEM in gas detection and analysis, and one that produces its own sensor lamps, ION Science holds all the required skills and expertise under one roof, with no outsourcing of key product parts. 

By encouraging collaboration, fostering teamwork, and sharing technical knowledge, the team at ION Science has worked in a holistic way to create a product fitted exactly to the needs of the market. The company says the Cub 11.7 eV personal solution is not just an advancement in protection for workers against potential VOC exposure, it also represents a key step forward in developing high quality, accurate protection solutions that can operate in difficult conditions consistently. 

ION Science’s team of experts always consider how, where and by whom a product will be used. This kind of thinking and way of approaching a solution is reflected in the end product. When considering how long a person would be wearing the device, weight and practicality were essential. The Cub 11.7 eV weighs in at just 111g and has a bright backlit screen for easy reading. It is comfortable to wear all day, and the small size means it can easily be worn within the breathing zone where it is able to detect potential hazards quickly. 

From customer feedback, Gary Smith, business unit manager of personals and portables, knew that one area customers always wanted to know more about was lamp life. The number one question when deciding which units to buy always revolved around lamp life and reliability of product. The Cub 11.7 eV has a robust, reliable sensor lamp with a minimum guarantee of 1 year, and is resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity and other environmental sensitivities.

Another key point was the access and readout of data, a critical point for occupational hygienists and site health and safety officers. The Cub 11.7 can be docked via a USB connected station, and data can be collated on a weekly basis for exposure analysis and prevention activity.

Having the team recognised for its hard work through the HazardEx award nomination for Technical Innovation is a great achievement. Regardless of a win, ION Science is immensely proud of its employees and what they have achieved in bringing the Cub 11.7 eV to the market, helping keep workers safe and protected against VOCs.

For more information: www.ionscience.com