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Emergency lowering procedures

25 May 2016

In a major move for access industry safety, Nationwide Platforms has utilised Quick Response (QR) code technology to make crucial guidance more accessible to businesses and end-users than ever before.

QR codes are barcode-like images which can be scanned by most mobile phone or tablet devices with internet access and a camera. When scanned using an application or “app”, which are freely available for download from the web, the QR code will direct the user to web content designated by its creator.

Recognising an opportunity to utilise this technology to advance working at height safety, Nationwide Platforms investigated the prospect of making emergency lowering documentation available for download directly from the base of its platforms, in addition to having print and web based versions available as standard.

After gaining backing from safety groups and encouragement from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to proceed with the idea, the business initiated plans to create and verify guidance which would in turn be linked to specially created QR code stickers for its market leading fleet.

The vast majority of equipment in the Nationwide Platforms fleet has already been fitted with QR code stickers linked to the emergency lowering guidance for each distinct model or group of equipment models across the UK.

In addition to offering a practical tool, it is also hoped the initiative will have the wider effect of improving awareness around the importance of familiarisation with safety procedures.

Mark Keily, UK director of QHSE, Nationwide Platforms, said: “At Nationwide Platforms and right across the Lavendon Group, safety is our primary concern in everything we do. As part of that, improving the way we manage welfare and wellbeing means improving the way we engage with all of those who come into contact with our products or services. With that in mind, we’re proud to have harnessed the power of technology to give our customers even more opportunities to get the guidance which could truly make a difference in an emergency situation.”

Peter Douglas, Nationwide Platforms operations director, added: “The use of powered access is widely recognised as the safest and most effective means of working at height across the world. As the UK’s market leader it’s our goal to build upon that and achieve new feats in safety, whether that comes through innovation, investment or simply taking the lead in making a difference.

“Now, not only do we hope that our customers can reap the benefits directly, but also that the rest of the access sector can follow our path and help truly establish this
pioneering, best practice approach right across our industry.”