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Forklift access platforms

14 December 2015

Contact Attachments has supplied a single person Forklift Access Platform to fire safety solutions supplier Nu-Swift to help the company’s staff work safer at heights using its reach truck. 

Josh Williams, manufacturing engineering at Nu-Swift, explained: “We identified an infrequent requirement for staff to access high level areas for storage and maintenance purposes. We did a simple online search, came across Contact Attachments, and contacted them straight away. 

“As our reach truck has length-adjustable Kooi forks fitted with pallet stops on them, the team had to create a tailored design for the Forklift Access Platform, so that it would fit over the size of our forks and so that the heel retaining pin was located behind the pallet stop, in order for it all to be safely secure.” 

Contact Attachments’ safety platforms are able to accommodate one person or two people, and come with a range of different entry methods such as gate and bar. Each model has a perforated mesh at the back to ensure optimum protection between the user and hazardous area of the forklift truck, as well as anti-slip floor treads with drain holes to avoid accumulation of water and risk of slipping.

Dave Manuel, Sales and Technical Director at Contact Attachments, said: “Our forklift safety cages and platforms are ideal for operators to work freely at heights, and for when unscheduled or emergency maintenance work is required. Like all of our products, they ensure optimum safety, and come fully-certified and fully comply with the latest health and safety regulations.”