Tipping skips

05 June 2018

Recognised as a leading manufacturer of forklift and telehandler products, Contact Attachments’ Tipping Skips are said to be the ideal solution for operators looking for a simple, yet highly effective, way of collecting and removing waste in the workplace.

Colour-coded to adhere to stringent recycling and environmental policies, the Tipping Skips enable users to safely and quickly dispose of materials with a wide range of options to suit – from lighter-weight waste including paper and cardboard, to mesh-sided skips suitable for larger volumes.

Dave Manuel, technical sales director at Contact Attachments, explains: “At Contact, we aim to meet the needs of every customer and their own specific requirements, which is why we can produce bespoke and customised forklift skips. As standard, our Tipping Skips are made from mild steel and offer a capacity from 0.25m3 to 2.0m3, but can also be made bespoke with a choice of stainless steel and galvanized finish, both of which have non-corrosive properties. For more heavy-duty use, the Tipping Skips can be supplied at 3mm and 5mm thickness.

“All our skips have been designed for retro fitment of an auto release mechanism if required, which enables the skips to operate even more robustly at heights, as well as with lids to contain rubbish and control unwanted odours. Health and safety is always our utmost priority and like all of our attachments, our Tipping Skips come CE Certified and adhere to the latest health and safety regulations.”