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Glove passes with flying colours

09 October 2015

Mace’s aviation team has chosen TraffiGlove to supply its TG310 Achieve and TG562 Dynamic safety gloves, following a successful two-month trial.

TraffiGlove, inventors of the original colour coded hand protection system, are now working with Enfield Safety – Mace’s personal protective equipment provider.

A trial spanned from May to June 2015, which saw 23 Mace aviation operatives use TraffiGlove safety gloves. The trial took place at Heathrow, where Mace has a maintenance contract that lasts until 2018. During this time, up to 500 direct and subcontracted workers will be required to wear gloves onsite. 

Following the trial, it was found that 96% of trialists rated the gloves as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ for overall performance and specifically, fit and comfort. An impressive 91% of operatives trialling the gloves rated them ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ for dexterity and grip quality.

John Potter, senior health & safety manager for Mace’s aviation team, said: "Our goal for 2016 is to reduce hand injuries to zero for all of our direct and subcontracted workforce. On top of delivering premium products with the right level of protection for our tasks, we worked with Enfield Safety to choose TraffiGlove as our safety gloves supplier for their partnering approach, which gives us confidence that we will achieve our goal."

Nick Osborne, territory sales manager for TraffiGlove said: "We’re delighted to be working with Mace’s aviation team and Enfield Safety. We’ll be offering on-going support to Mace’s aviation team, in the form of educational on site posters, ‘toolbox talks’ and regular consultation with the health and safety teams to help ensure site staff are kept safe at all times by establishing injury reduction goals."

TraffiGlove’s TG310 Achieve is said to be an extremely dextrous glove, combining impressive dexterity with high abrasion and tear resistance for use in dry conditions. The cut level three glove features a breathable Polyurethane coating with a generous cuff length, offering added user support, safety and comfort. 

The cut level five, TG562 Dynamic from TraffiGlove is designed to be a very comfortable glove offering the highest abrasion and cut level protection for precision work in dry conditions, thanks to its breathable Polyurethane palm coating.