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Unigloves announces Brexit contingency plans

30 January 2019

SINGLE USE hand protection specialist Unigloves has announced its Brexit preparations ahead of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, ensuring its customers will remain fully stocked with its gloves.

With a possible temporary period of border disruption, impacting the movement of goods between the UK and European Union countries from 30 March 2019 should a ‘no deal’ Brexit happen, Unigloves has increased its UK stock holding to minimise any possible disruptions.

“Our gloves are manufactured in Malaysia and the Far East. While we don’t anticipate that any border disruption will impact our business significantly, we have increased our stock reserves by a third, from 3 months to 4 months’ stock, to allow for delays at the UK ports. Additionally, to protect our customers’ abilities to continue to trade with European Union countries from 30 March 2019, we have appointed our sister company in Germany to act as EU Authorised Representative for both medical devices and PPE,” said Chris Wahlers, Managing Director of Unigloves UK Ltd.

The company’s range of single use gloves – used across a wide range of industry sectors including the automotive, manufacturing, maintenance, food, medical and pharmaceutical – is becoming increasingly popular across the UK.

Key products include the new PRO.TECT HD range, which includes 3 silicone free nitrile gloves - PRO.TECT Orange HD, PRO.TECT Blue and PRO.TECT Black, along with a high quality, natural rubber glove, PRO.TECT Latex HD.

As part of its new product development, Unigloves has extended its free Glove Sampling Service with the launch of newly designed sampling packs which now contain 3 glove pieces, one size small, one medium and one large. 

Available across the Unigloves range, to request a sample pack of your chosen style, please visit http://bit.ly/2sV4ugl

For more information on the complete gloves range visit www.unigloves.co.uk, contact Unigloves Customer Service on 0800 049 6602 or email enquries@unigloves.co.uk