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Unigloves is a market-leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality single use gloves, designed to protect workers across a range of workplace sectors. 

With a worldwide team of over 600 people and 3 manufacturing plants, Unigloves produces and supplies billions of pairs of gloves to more than 50 countries around the world annually.

With a highly experienced team and offices based here in the UK, Unigloves focuses on creating hand protection solutions with its dedicated “Safety through quality” approach.

Key sectors served include:



- The new PRO.TECT range features three silicone free, nitrile gloves to meet increasing demand for silicone free manufacturing environments, making them ideal for painting or bonding applications, removing the threat of glove-borne paint contamination and expensive re-working.

Designed to be stronger than standard single use gloves the PRO.TECT Range is more durable products are also chemical resistant to protect against paints, oils, grease and other automotive fluids that are encountered in 1st and 2nd tier automotive manufacturing and aftermarket care and repair.

Available in standard cuff and extended cuff variants, they are also offered with raised grip pattern, which enhances grip and handling in wet and oily applications.

Market leading solutions for the automotive sector includes PRO.TECT Orange HD, a durable, chemical resistant, Silicone Free glove which benefits from raised Diamond Grip technology.



Ideally suited to a range of industrial and manufacturing applications, the industrial range of single use hand protection solutions from Unigloves are durable yet comfortable, offering Diamond Grip Technology, Chemical Resistance and also come with Silicone-free options.


Food Manufacturing

The specialist Unigloves range for the food industry is designed to offer a wide range of weights and cuff lengths for a variety of applications from food production, food preparation and serving.

Innovative solutions include Fortified – Europe’s first Nitrile Antimicrobial Glove and the Pearl range - available in 12 colours allowing colour co-ordination in line with individual requirements. Across the rest of the range, food compliance to EU requirements is assured.



The Unigloves range for the healthcare sector is extensive and is designed for a broad range of single use medical applications.  Covering everything from handling cytotoxics to medical examinations, these products are fully compliant with medical device regulations and where applicable, chemical resistant standards as well.

Available in latex, nitrile and vinyl as well as standard cuff or extended cuff variants.



The Select Black line of chemical resistant gloves by Unigloves are a leading range of black, single use gloves, designed to offer protection against the various biological and chemical hazards encountered during tattooing and body piercing.

Select Black latex gloves are made using high-grade natural rubber, with low protein levels. The ultra-soft feel adds to the high comfort levels whilst providing abrasion and tear resistance and maximum dexterity

The textured surface of the glove offers a more secure grip especially when working in wet conditions.



The Unigloves Vitality range for the dental sector is designed with both practitioners and patients in mind. Repeated glove use over short time frames can lead to a lack of moisture and oils in the skin.  Formulated with a unique lanolin and vitamin E coating on the inner surface, the Unigloves Vitality range help address the issue.


More Information and Product Samples

To find out more about the range of specialist hand protection solutions or to receive free samples visit https://info.unigloves.co.uk/request-a-sample , call us on 0845 009 0083 or email enquiries@unigloves.co.uk





Unigloves Fortified gloves contain BioCote® with proven antimicrobial protection. BioCote is silver ion technology. It has been used in the manufacture of Unigloves Fortified gloves to provide antimicrobial properties. Ionic silver particles are impregnated throughought the rubber nitrile during glove production.

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Gloves don’t have to be blue or white. With a selection of twelve colours, Unigloves Pearl® are a selection of coloured nitrile gloves so you can colour-code in any environment.

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Unigloves Enhances it's PRO.TECT Range with new heavy duty additions.

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Orange, silicone free, nitrile examination gloves with DiamondGrip technology

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Blue, silicon-free, nitrile examination gloves.

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Rough or damaged skin can be painful, particularly when you rely on your hands for your job. Coated with a micro layer of natural moisturisers and vitamins, Vitality gloves revitalise your skin while you work.

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The Unigloves Advanced series of gloves is our promise to those who value their hands highly enough to demand the best quality gloves available.

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Select Black

Our Select Black gloves are a range of black, single use gloves, designed and engineered by Unigloves and supplied to tattoo artists around the world.

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Our Unicare single use glove range has been developed especially to provide exceptional levels of comfort and come in nitrile, vinyl, vinyl/nitrile blend, latex and polythene. Our Unicare gloves are medical grade, and particularly suited to use in medical applications, dental and veterinary care.

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Unicare Flex Nitrile - The Environmentally Friendly Food Approved Glove

Single use hand protection specialist Unigloves has enhanced its food-dedicated range with the launch of the new Unicare Flex Nitrile disposable glove.

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