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Lucion Consulting named UK's Best Risk Management Consultancy 2019

20 January 2020

Corporate Vision has unveiled the winners of its Corporate Coaching and Recruitment awards 2019 and named Lucion Consulting as Best Occupational Risk Management Consultancy in the UK.

Formally known as the HR & Training Awards, which Lucion Consulting was named Best Occupational Health and Safety Training Provider in the UK 2018, the Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards have returned. Each year global news provider Corporate Vision (CV) rewards hard-working individuals and firms across the globe, recognising innovation and excellence in their sector, as well as their outstanding overall performance in this highly competitive market.

The Award Criteria

The CV awards are based on merit, not the number of votes received. the CV awards process ensures that organisations are awarded based on their excellence in the industry, the quality of their products and their dedication to service for their clients over the past 12 months.

Who Is Lucion Consulting?

Lucion Consulting is part of Lucion Services and delivers expert advice to clients across multiple sectors on risk management and mitigation strategies, ensuring regulatory compliance is achieved relating to complex issues such as hazardous material management and health and safety governance.

It provides risk management and Health & Safety services, and has won double Gold RoSPA awards, highlighting its commitment to health and safety practices.

Lucion Consulting provides risk management consultancy in:

  • Asbestos Planning, Management, and Consultancy
  • Corporate Compliance and Health & Safety(RAMS SSOW)
  • Construction and CDM
  • Hazardous Substances and Environmental Management
  • Contaminated Land Project Consultancy
  • Training and Competency assessments

Discover More

To find out more about Lucion Consulting and its services, and to get instant access to free downloads and guides on managing your health and safety and hazardous risks, visit:

Lucion Consulting: https://www.lucionservices.com/companies/lucion-consulting/

Lucion Services – Who We Are: https://www.lucionservices.com/who-we-are/

Lucion’s Gold Standard: https://www.lucionservices.com/sustainable-services-through-sustainable-practices-our-gold-standard/

Asbestos Services: https://www.lucionservices.com/service_group/asbestos/

CDM Services: https://www.lucionservices.com/service_group/construction-and-cdm/

Hazardous Substances and Environmental Management: https://www.lucionservices.com/service_group/hazardous-substances-and-environments/

Contaminated Land: https://www.lucionservices.com/services/contaminated-land-project-management-and-consultancy/

RAMS and SSOW Health and Safety: https://www.lucionservices.com/service_group/corporate-compliance/

Lucion Consulting Training Services: https://www.lucionservices.com/companies/lucion-training/