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Quality Safety Showers now in stock and ready to ship

04 December 2023

HUGHES SAFETY Showers has a selection of safety showers and eye washes that are ready to ship as you place your order.

Its popular 1500-litre immersion-heated tank shower is among the offerings, ideal for remote locations or those without a reliable water source. The unit includes an internal eye bath with green GRP side panelling as standard. The unit also features a visual level indicator to display the level of the water within the tank as well as a thermometer to show whether the water temperature is compliant to ANSI and European standards.

For a portable solution, its 114-litre self-contained safety shower and eyewash will also be available for fast delivery. This unit can be easily manoeuvred around a site by one worker as and when required. Ideal for environments with transient hazards, such as construction sites. The shower can be positioned close to the hazard, making it easier for a casualty to seek relief in an emergency.

Also in stock are its two self-contained eye washes as standard. Included are the 38-litre wall mounted Optiwash and the portable 60-litre eyewash. Both eye washes are easily activated via the pull-down manifold for quick relief in an emergency. In addition, the Optiwash is a vibrant orange colour for increased visibility when needed most. The 60-litre eyewash complies to crucial safety standards by providing 15 minutes of potable water to the user.

Don’t delay in improving your site safety. For pricing and additional information on its in-stock products contact the sales team today.