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Benefits of reusable overshoes

15 June 2020

Available from Fortress Distribution, reduce plastic waste with washable overshoes that can also be sterilised with bleach.

Typical disposable overshoes are slippery, expensive, and after one use millions of pairs are discarded each day for a lifetime in landfill.

YULEYS are simple, easy to use, hands-free, slip-on/slip-off reusable work boot and shoe covers, providing greater traction while protecting floors. An environmentally friendly and cost-conscious alternative to those currently using plastic overshoes, with solid rubber construction YULEYS can easily be cleaned with warm water for years of use and are completely recyclable.

Keep dirt and contaminants out of clean areas. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene across communal areas.

YULEYS are uniquely designed to fit conveniently and quickly over safety footwear enabling workers in industrial safety and hygiene applications, pharmaceutical/electronics clean room environments, food processing and agriculture and service contractors to enter clean environments without the need to remove their dirty footwear, thereby protecting indoor flooring, walls and stopping cross contamination.

Hands free, step in – step out design with a slip reducing tread
Say goodbye to dirt and grime and say hello to YULEYS, the remarkable, reusable slip-on sole that’s helping even the dirtiest jobs clean up their act. If you’ve ever fumbled around with disposable overshoes while your hands are full, you’ll appreciate YULEYS hands-free design, which allows you to easily slip them on and off without bending over or using your hands.

Once on, the patent-pending design includes a heel-lock system that keeps them firmly on your feet, and the slip-reducing tread keeps your feet firmly underneath you for a more confident step on wood, tile, linoleum, and other surfaces.

Watch YULEYS in action 

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