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Fortress Distribution specialises in introducing innovative PPE and safety workwear brands to the UK. We have continued to widen our portfolio and now offer 12 products in the Black Mamba Gloves and Accessories range as well as 2 versions of YULEYS reusable overshoes targeted at different applications, Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear, Body Partner Spine Align T-Shirt and ColdRush personal cooling products.

Black Mamba has emerged as an industry leader in the US, creating hand protection for those in need of tough and reliable gloves. In the UK Black Mamba gloves are fast becoming the glove of choice for users who require strong and durable hand protection. YULEYS is a unique reusable shoe cover solution. The ‘clean step system’ is ideal for any wearer of safety boots or shoes that need to enter a clean environment saving them having to remove their contaminated footwear. Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear offers new and innovative styles, that focus on quality, strength, durability, with a major emphasis on high speed protection and with a lifetime warranty. Body Partner Spine Align T-Shirt is patented for its unique construction and positive effect on posture to help reduce symptoms of pain, aid better posture and enhance muscle engagement.  ColdRush personal cooling products by HexArmor use Garmatex™ cooling technology, a high-performance fabric which is moisture activated so that as water evaporates, fast drying microfibers and natural minerals accelerate the cooling process.




YULEYS Reusable Shoe Covers

YULEYS reusable overshoes offer the smartest and most affordable choice on the market. Easy to use, hands-free, slip-on and slip-off safety footwear protectors YULEYS are uniquely designed to conveniently and quickly fit over safety footwear. They allow wearers to easily access clean environments without the need to remove their dirty footwear, protecting indoor flooring from outside dirt.

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Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

This is our flagship product. Made with our patented NITREX® polymer, this super strong (6.0 mils) powder free nitrile glove boasts 3 times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove. These gloves feature our grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects. 

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Torque Grip Nitrile Disposable Glove

The Black Mamba Torque Grip™ is a powder free nitrile disposable glove designed with a unique Torque Grip™ pattern over the entire hand area to optimise surface performance and allow outstanding grip at all times.

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Pro Blu heavy duty latex glove

With a number of key differences to the standard Black Mamba Nitrile Glove, the new Pro Blu heavy duty latex glove is certainly not just a different colour. Manufactured from latex and at 14 mils thick it offers users the ability to work in a number of different applications.

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Black Mamba Impact Glove

The NEW Black Mamba Impact Glove is perfect for mechanics and the automotive industry. The glove has been carefully designed to meet customer needs by enabling full back of hand protection whilst still allowing comfort and dexterity.

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White Mamba Latex Gloves

Ultra thick at 8.0 mils these gloves are ideal for working with harsher chemicals. EZ Glide Donning System.

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Made from Ultra High Molecular - Weight Polyethylene Fibre which has a tensile strength relative to its weight and is up to 15 times stronger than steel.

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Mamba Trax Shoe Covers

Designed with service industry professionals in mind, Mamba Trax have the durability to last whilst protecting your workplaces carpet or hardwood flooring.

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Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear.

Guard-Dogs, Aggressive Eyewear® develops new and innovative eyewear styles, that focus on quality, strength, and durability, with a major emphasis on protection from debris in aggressive work environments and high speed activities.

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ColdRush Personal Cooling Products .

ColdRush® personal cooling products from HexArmor®, made with Garmatex™ technology, utilize fast drying microfibers and natural minerals to accelerate the cooling process, creating a cooling effect on the skin. Made for high temperature work environments or extreme physical activity, ColdRush® will keep you and your workers cool all day long.

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