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HSE regs are still applicable

17 August 2020

Covid-19 has presented new challenges to health and safety in the workplace. But all the old ones are still there too.

Employers across the UK have had to adapt to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it’s introducing staggered start times for staff, adhering to social distancing rules, testing people’s temperatures regularly or meeting with each other digitally, there is a whole range of new things employers are having to implement to minimise the risk of transmitting Covid-19.

However, despite the understandable shift of focus to ensuring workplaces are Covid-secure, the fact remains that all health and safety challenges that existed before the pandemic still need to be addressed; the regulations and guidelines that police them have not been changed or relaxed. That includes measuring, monitoring and controlling noise. 

The UK Health and Safety Executive told Cirrus Research in May, “The duty to manage the risks from any work activity, including noise at work, for those businesses that continue to operate during the pandemic, remains.

Duty-holders still have a legal responsibility to maintain work equipment and carry out thorough examinations, written schemes and Statutory Inspections. These legal duties exist to help manage the significant hazard that the failure of such equipment can pose. Not complying with these duties can significantly increase the risk of harm to workers and members of the public.

At the current time, HSE is not considering issuing exemptions or relaxation of these requirements, but this position will be kept under review in recognition of the changing situation in relation to Covid19.”

The impact of Coronavirus has meant that many businesses are now facing financial pressures, which makes accessing the equipment they need to manage Covid-19 as well as all other aspects of occupational health and safety, a challenge. It’s up to providers of health and safety equipment to do everything within their power to ensure that businesses and organisations across all sectors can still access the equipment they need to protect people’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Here at Cirrus Research, we’ve been open throughout the pandemic, ensuring that people have still been able to measure, monitor and control noise in the workplace and get their equipment calibrated to industry standards and HSE regulations. We recognise the enormous challenges posed by Coronavirus, which is why we’ve enhanced our product and service offering. We’re continuing to help businesses meet their obligations and protect their people’s hearing, health and wellbeing.

All our noise measurement equipment is available to hire on flexible terms:

  • Get the equipment you need, when you need it, for a fraction of the cost

  • If you decide to purchase your equipment within six months of hiring it, you’ll get up to two weeks of the rental cost back

  • Our in-house technical support team are always on-hand to help you out with any queries you may have, so you’ll never be out on a limb

We have a range of refurbished stock:

  • All refurbished stock comes supplied with an up-to-date calibration certificate is fully tested before it’s shipped

  • All noise measurement equipment, whether new or refurbished, is backed by our industry-leading 15-year unconditional warranty

Introducing the ‘Way-Back’ Pack to help businesses navigate their way back to safe working:

  • A comprehensive package that contains a host of products to help businesses get back to safe working, following the easing of UK lockdown restrictions

  • The package includes a basic sound level meter, a noise-activated warning sign, a handheld thermometer, and a non-contact automated access fever detection system

  • The package can be bought or hired for a set price, and customised to add more or less of what you need

To find out more about the ‘Way-Back’ Pack, please visit cirrusresearch.com/way-back-pack

To find out more about how we can help you meet your obligations and keep your people safe at work with equipment rentals or refurbished instruments, please get in touch either by phone (01723 891655) or email (sales@cirrusresearch.com).