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Protecting hearing for more than 50 years 07/09/2023

CIRRUS RESEARCH specialises in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality noise measurement instruments and solutions. For over 50 years, it has been working hard to prevent and eradicate noise-induced hearing loss and environmental noise pollution with innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use noise measurement instruments.

The company's focus is on providing accurate and reliable noise monitoring instruments and is established as a leading provider in the industry.

Products and Services

Offering a comprehensive range of noise measurement instruments and accessories that cater to diverse industries and applications. The range of measurement instruments encompasses both handheld, portable devices and fixed, long-term instruments that all ensure accuracy and reliability in various environments. These instruments are designed to comply with international standards and regulations, meeting the stringent requirements of professionals and authorities alike.

Workplace Noise Monitoring

Cirrus Research caters to the needs of industries seeking to reduce noise levels and comply with occupational noise regulations, such as the Control of Noise at Work 2005 Regulations.

  • The Optimus+ Red Noise at Work Sound Level Meter is ideal for measuring noise at work, with the ability to provide businesses with all the data that they need to be compliant simultaneously.

  • The doseBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter is a lightweight, robust and easy-to-use wearable instrument for making non-intrusive measurements of the noise each individual worker experiences within the workplace. We also provide an Intrinsically Safe version of this instrument, perfect for use in hazardous zones such as mines.

  • The Safety Officers Kit combines all of the instruments that we recommend for measuring and monitoring occupational noise into one easy-to-use kit.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Cirrus Research specialises in environmental noise monitoring solutions that enable businesses and organisations to assess and manage their environmental impacts effectively. 

  • The Optimus+ Green Environmental Sound Level Meter has been specifically designed as a handheld instrument that is perfect for measuring and monitoring exposure to noise pollution and environmental noise sources.

  • The Environmental Noise Kits offer a fully weather-protected noise monitoring solution which easily integrates with the Optimus+ Green to enable continuous monitoring in any environment.

  • The Quantum Outdoor is our revolutionary cloud-connected remote noise monitoring solution which offers the ideal solution for not only monitoring an organisation’s environmental noise impact but also for monitoring the weather, gas and particulate matter, and ground vibration.

Commitment to Excellence

The company says, "We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to our customers. We prioritise the development of cutting-edge technology, ensuring our noise measurement instruments remain at the forefront of the industry. By investing in research and development, we continuously strive to enhance the accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness of our devices, meeting the evolving needs of professionals and organisations.

"Not only do we work hard to ensure our instruments are of the highest quality and standard, but we also actively engage in knowledge sharing, hoping to be able to provide users and clients with all the knowledge they may need. Our online training courses and webinars on noise monitoring, control, and legislation equip professionals with the skills that they need to address noise-related challenges."

Learn more about Cirrus Research: www.cirrusresearch.com.

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Sound solutions from Cirrus Research 03/09/2023

CIRRUS RESEARCH has been at the forefront of noise measurement technology for more than 50 years, providing state-of-the-art solutions that empower organisations to accurately assess and manage noise levels in diverse environments.

Its dedication to research and development has led to the creation of pioneering instruments that cater to a variety of monitoring needs, and the company is excited to be demonstrating these instruments at the Safety, Health and Wellbeing show in Farnborough on 27-28 September!


Visitors to its stand at the Safety, Health and Wellbeing show can expect to explore its comprehensive array of products, designed to address the complexities of on-site noise management, including:

  • Optimus Sound Level Meters – with their unmatched versatility and precision in sound level measurement, these devices come equipped with advanced features such as real-time octave band analysis, data logging capabilities and intuitive user interfaces.

  • doseBadge Noise Dosimeters – the instrument that revolutionised personal noise exposure monitoring. These compact, wearable instruments provide accurate data on an individual’s noise exposure throughout the day, ensuring compliance with occupational noise regulations. 

  • Environmental Noise Monitors – designed to seamlessly integrate into urban and industrial settings, offering continuous, real-time monitoring. These systems provide valuable insights into noise pollution and enable authorities to make informed decisions to create quieter environments.

  • Vibration Meters – the Revo vibration meter allows for the assessment of vibration exposure in various applications, safeguarding workers from potential health risks associated with excessive vibration in the workplace.

The Safety Health and Wellbeing Show

The company is thrilled to be participating in the SHW show, which is one of the most anticipated events for health and safety professionals. Its team are looking forward to being able to showcase the cutting-edge instruments that we have on offer and enhance your understanding of the management of noise and vibration.

You will be able to find its noise experts on Stand 134 at the event on 27-28 September.

For more information, visit www.cirrusresearch.co.uk

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Monitoring noise in the food and drink manufacturing industry 24/07/2023

IN THE environment of the food and drink manufacturing industry, the wellbeing of employees should always be a top priority. One significant concern that often goes unnoticed is occupational noise which can have severe implications on the health and safety of workers.

To mitigate this risk effectively and to ensure compliance to regulations, the implementation of occupational noise measurement equipment is crucial.

This blog explores why monitoring noise levels and utilising advanced tools is vital for ensuring safe working environments within this industry.

Preserving Hearing Health

Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can lead to permanent hearing damage. In food and drink manufacturing facilities, the presence of loud machinery, equipment, and processes can contribute to excessive noise levels.

By utilising occupational noise measurement equipment, employers can accurately gauge noise levels across different areas of their premises. The data they collect will then empower employers to identify potential hazards across the site, implement appropriate noise control measures (whether that is appropriate hearing protection or quieter work practices), and protect their employees’ hearing health effectively.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with occupational noise regulations, such as the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, is essential for any industry, and the food and drink manufacturing sector is no exception. Failure to comply with set regulations can result in penalties, litigation, and, most importantly, compromised employee well-being.

Occupational noise monitoring equipment is designed to meet stringent standards, ensuring accurate data collection and helping organisations stay in line with regulatory requirements.

Personalised Risk Assessments

Occupational noise measurement equipment also allows employers to conduct personalised risk assessments for their employees.

By monitoring noise levels in real-time and assessing the duration of exposure, employers can identify individuals at a higher risk of hearing damage. This information enables targeted interventions, such as providing suitable hearing protection and implementing engineering controls to minimise noise emissions.

How can we help?

At Cirrus Research, we provide a range of instruments ideal for measuring and monitoring the noise that impacts your workers inside your manufacturing unit, including:

  • The Optimus+ Red Sound Level meter: Never miss a thing and capture all the data you need at the press of a button, save time, avoid complicated setup, and even connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for remote use up to 10 metres away.
  • The doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter: With real-time octave band analysis and Bluetooth operation, it’s even easier to pre-program your measurements with scheduled timers.
  • The Quantum Indoor: A complete cloud-based noise monitoring system designed to make long-term noise monitoring indoors easier and more accessible.

You can find out more about our solutions here.

Monitoring occupational noise is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process. Our equipment offers advanced features like data logging and analysis, enabling businesses to track noise levels over time. This data helps identify patterns, highlight areas that require attention, and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented control measures. By regularly reviewing and improving noise management practices, organisations can create a safer and healthier work environment.

Speak to our expert team today to find out more by calling us on +44 1723 891655 or by emailing us at sales@cirrusresearch.com.

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Protecting the hearing health of construction workers 24/08/2023

CIRRUS RESEARCH is aware of the challenges faced by the construction industry. One issue that often flies under the radar is the continuous exposure of workers to high noise levels, a hazard that can lead to serious hearing health problems.

From 2000 to 2016, UK employers were forced to settle more than 150,000 insurance claims made by employees whose hearing had been permanently damaged at work! Source: BSC

The Silent Peril: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a prevalent occupational health hazard, especially within the construction industry where noise from heavy machinery and power tools is the norm. NIHL isn’t immediate but instead, subtly chips away at an individual’s hearing capacity over years of exposure, often remaining unnoticed until the damage is substantial.

To help control noise levels effectively, Cirrus Research has developed a range of noise measurement instrumentation that provides objective, actionable data on sound levels. This enables companies to implement necessary protective measures, making construction environments safer for workers.

Meet Our doseBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter

One of Cirrus Research's key offerings for the construction industry is the doseBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter. This lightweight and unobtrusive device is designed to measure the ‘dose’ of noise a worker is exposed to over a working day. By allowing companies to evaluate individual risk accurately, it facilitates the establishment of personalized protective measures, enhancing worker safety.

Introducing the Optimus+ Red Sound Level Meter

For immediate noise level readings, the company recommends its Optimus+ Red Sound Level Meter. This handheld device is perfect for spot checks, providing reliable and accurate measurements instantly. Its user-friendly design and robust build make it an essential tool on any construction site.

Cirrus Research says it is not just committed to innovation and user-friendly design, but also to equipping businesses with the necessary tools to implement effective noise control measures. Protecting workers from harmful noise exposure is not just a legal requirement – it’s a moral imperative.

Let’s make the construction industry safer for our workers’ hearing health. By harnessing the power of accurate noise measurement tools like our doseBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter and the Optimus+ Red Sound Level Meter, we can work towards a future where construction noise is effectively managed, safeguarding the hearing health of construction workers.

For more information, visit www.cirrusresearch.co.uk

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UKAS and standard calibration from Cirrus Research 19/06/2023

CIRRUS RESEARCH has been calibrating and servicing noise and vibration measurement instrumentation for more than 50 years. This history and experience allows its team to offer a unique service, no matter what equipment or calibration requirements you may have.

What is instrument calibration?

Factory calibration is the process of assessing, testing and correcting the accuracy of scientific measurement instruments. It’s carried out in specialist laboratories with highly advanced technology.

At Cirrus Research, we offer both UKAS-accredited and traceable calibration, testing every single component of your instrument both acoustically and electronically. We ensure that every parameter is verified against international standards to assure you that your meters remain compliant with legislation and best practice.

What happens to your instrument during calibration?

When you send your instrument to us for calibration,

  • Book it into our system for testing
  • Test every single component of your instrument both acoustically and electronically
  • Replace any batteries that are old
  • Make sure it’s running the latest versions of our software
  • Carry out minor repairs (we’ll contact you if anything significant is found in case it delays getting it back to you)
  • Issue a new calibration certificate
  • Give it a final clean and polish and package it carefully and send it back to you
  • Find out more about the journey your instrument takes in this video!

Why choose Cirrus Research for your calibration service?

  • We calibrate noise measurement instruments from any manufacturer
  • We provide a three-working-day turnaround from arrival at Cirrus Research
  • No hidden costs with our fixed prices
  • Choose between standard traceable and UKAS-accredited calibration
  • Convenient instrument collection and return service
  • Calibration certificates are issued every time
  • Extend your Cirrus Research warranty up to 15-years (for Cirrus Research instruments only)
  • Specially-equipped and purpose-built acoustic calibration laboratory accredited by UKAS meets the ISO 17025 standard

UKAS-accredited calibration

We are a UKAS-accredited acoustic calibration laboratory (no. 10148), capable of calibrating sound level meters, acoustic calibrators and octave band filters to the highest possible standards.

UKAS-accredited calibration provides you with additional reassurance that your instruments are accurate, reliable and in full working order. All calibration work carried out in our dedicated UKAS laboratory is traceable to an internationally recognised metrological institute, meaning that should your data ever be required for litigation, it will stand up to scrutiny.

You can view our UKAS scope here.

Learn more about our five-star-rated acoustic calibration service here.

Speak to our calibration team by calling +44 (0)1723 891655 or by emailing calibration@cirrusresearch.com.

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Spotlight on Optimus+ Sound Level Meters 19/04/2023

CIRRUS RESEARCH showcases its Optimus+ Sound Level Meters - a series of powerful tools designed to cater to a wide range of industries. The Optimus+ range includes three models, each with unique capabilities and features, enabling users to measure and monitor noise effectively.

The entry-level model, Optimus+ Yellow, provides essential noise data and measures sound levels in decibels (dB). It offers A and C frequency weightings for general noise assessments and is perfect for basic noise level measurements, as well as meeting regulatory requirements. It also comes with simple operation and a user-friendly interface, fast, slow, and impulse time weighting.

For more advanced noise assessments, the Optimus+ Red model is an ideal solution. With its data logging and real-time frequency analysis features, it enables users to identify and address specific noise issues. This model is suitable for industries such as construction, entertainment, and manufacturing. It offers 1:1 real-time octave band analysis, voice tagging for easy identification of measurements, and the measurement of LAeq, LCPeak, LCeq, and LAFmax.

The Optimus+ Green model is the most sophisticated in the series, with capabilities for environmental noise monitoring and advanced analysis. It is perfect for long-term noise measurement projects in industries such as mining, transportation, and urban planning. The model offers advanced environmental noise parameters, noise recording and 1:1 and 1:3 real-time octave and third-octave band analysis.

Cirrus Research's Optimus+ Sound Level Meters provide comprehensive solutions for industries with varying noise measurement and monitoring requirements. The range is equipped with state-of-the-art features and capabilities, enabling users to select the model that best suits their specific needs.


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Choose the correct hearing protection for your workforce 08/03/2023

AN IMPORTANT task for those in charge of health and safety in any organisation is ensuring that employees working in noisy areas have the correct level of PPE to ensure that their hearing, and their general safety isn’t being put at risk in the workplace.

Hearing PPE mostly consists of ear defenders and ear plugs. But how do these defenders and plugs work to protect a person’s hearing? And how do you know if you’re providing the correct level of protection for the environment?

In the case of ear defenders, the protection comes from the acoustic foam that covers the ears. This foam absorbs sound energy by increasing air resistance and reducing the amplitude of sound waves. The process of losing sound energy is called attenuation, and it is the attenuation data that you need to look at when selecting hearing PPE.

You can also find attenuating ear plugs that offer good levels of protection. 

There are some cases where ear defenders and ear plugs may be required, such as in extremely high noise areas.

The important thing to remember, is that you don’t want to overprotect, or under-protect your workforce.

Reducing noise and avoiding overprotection

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), protectors that reduce the level at the ear to below 70dB should be avoided, since this over-protection may cause difficulties with communication and hearing warning signals in the workplace. 

If your employees are being overprotected from the noise surrounding them, they may become isolated from their environment. This can lead to safety risks, as users are more likely to then remove the hearing protection and therefore risk damage to their hearing. 

There are a number of different methods for selecting the right hearing protection for your workforce, one of which is using Octave Band Filters.

Using Octave Band Filters to select the right level of protection

Using 1:1 Octave Bands to select the correct level of PPE for your workforce is the most accurate way of measuring the effectiveness of hearing protection. This method estimates the sound level at the ear, considering the frequency content of the noise. 

When it comes to using this method, you will need a noise monitoring instrument that is capable of measuring noise at octave bands centre frequency, such as the Optimus Red sound level meter with 1:1 Octave bands, or the doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter, both from Cirrus Research. 

How Cirrus Research can help

Cirrus Research provide a selection of noise monitoring instruments that use 1:1 Octave Bands. 

Both the Optimus Red and the doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter can measure 1:1 Octave Bands, providing you with all the information you need for the measurement, analysis and control of occupational noise exposure. 

We recommend the doseBadge5 to confirm the problematic areas/tools or tasks in your workplace, and then follow this up with the sound level meter for in-person data capture, and to get a full understanding of the noise source. By using both instruments in conjunction with each other, users can ensure that they’re getting everything they need for successful analysis and PPE selection.

The Safety Officer’s Kit from Cirrus Research is an easy way to purchase and store both instruments together.

Analysing your data and selecting appropriate PPE

With the Cirrus Research analysis software, NoiseTools, which is free with every instrument, there is a separate tab that colour codes a large range of hearing defence products suitable for use within your environment. This information is selected from the measurement data that is provided from your instruments, and removes any human error when selecting the right product.

Users can also use the time history tab within the NoiseTools software to select and highlight the loudest part of the noise measurement, and view a colour coded list of hearing defenders based solely on that measurement.

An example of hearing protection recommendations shown for a sample of data selected.

Finally, you can produce hearing defender reports that can be printed and stored for future use.

In summary, by choosing to use Cirrus Research instrumentation in your workplace, you’re also choosing to ensure you’re purchasing the correct hearing defence product for your team without wasting money on unsuitable PPE. You’re choosing to have confidence in selecting the correct hearing defenders, as our NoiseTools software makes it easier to know which options are right for you, and you’re choosing to save time and money.

For more information, visit www.cirrusresearch.com

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Get in the know about noise with Cirrus Research 30/11/2022

CIRRUS RESEARCH is known for pioneering innovative solutions that have made monitoring and measuring noise and vibration easier and more accessible than ever before.

It aims to make it easier for customers to get even more value out of their noise measurement equipment, which is why the company is now officially offering a range of training courses online through its dedicated Noise Academy website.

Who are the training courses for?

The online training courses are designed for Health & Safety Officers and Facilities managers with the responsibility of protecting their staff from the hazards of occupational noise and excessive vibration within the workplace, as well as for Environmental Managers and Noise Consultants who need to know more about the impacts of noise on our wider environment.

Online courses

Cirrus Research offers a range of online courses, webinars and other resources, all designed to help you get the best from your noise measurement equipment. These online courses are fully flexible which means that you can complete them in your own time, whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Through its Noise Academy website it provides:

  • Optimus+ Sound Level Meter Training

  • doseBadge5 Personal Noise Dosimeter Training

  • doseBadge4 Personal Noise Dosimeter Training

  • Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder Training (for local authorities and housing associations)

  • Noise at Work Awareness Course

With more courses to be added soon!

Learn more about the Noise Academy and sign up to start learning today: https://noiseacademy.cirrusresearch.com.

Black Friday Deals from Cirrus Research

To celebrate the announcement of its brand-new online training portal, the company is making the most of Black Friday and offer you some fantastic deals on training!

This black Friday there are two offers that will help you make the most of our online training:

  • If you spend over £3,000 on new equipment from Cirrus Research, you will receive over £300 worth of online training for FREE!

  • If you buy any of our used instruments, you will get FREE product training worth £99!

These offers are valid on all instruments purchased from Cirrus Research until Friday 2 December 2022.

Make the most of these incredible offers and speak to our noise experts today.


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Get in the know about noise with Cirrus Research 12/10/2022

CIRRUS RESEARCH is known for pioneering innovative solutions that have made monitoring and measuring noise and vibration easier and more accessible than ever before. Now, to make sure its customers get even more value out of their noise measurement equipment, the company is offering a range of training courses online through its dedicated Noise Academy website.

Every elearning course, webinar and video has been specifically created to aid people in their work. They've been designed for Health & Safety professionals responsible for protecting their staff from the hazards of occupational noise and vibration in the workplace, as well as for Environmental Managers and Noise Consultants who need to know more about the impacts of noise on our wider environment.

Noise at Work Awareness

One of its most popular courses is the Noise at Work Awareness Course, this course will give you a background in measuring sound and why it is of concern. It also covers the general health, workplace safety and risks posed by noise to people’s hearing, and will also take a look at the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) for both employers and employees. With information on both the theoretical and practical side of noise measurement and control, including useful tips on taking measurements and analysing results, this course prepares you with everything you need to know for a successful Noise at Work Assessment. It even includes information on how you can use your results to implement suitable control measures and prescribe suitable hearing PPE to prevent potential harm to your employees.

Product confidence

If you already own one of our meters and need a refresher course on how to use them or are new to noise measurement, then you can try one of our product training courses covering our range of noise dosimeters, our Optimus+ sound level meters and our Trojan Noise Nuisance Recorder. In addition, there are links to many free to view videos on the NoiseTools software so you can truly get the best out of our reporting program.

Flexible learning at your pace

Training courses are flexible, which means you can complete them in your own time whenever it’s convenient for you. Whether you need a basic introduction to noise, a refresher on regulations, or in-depth training on your equipment and software, Cirrus Research says it has a course designed for you.

Find out more and start your training today at noiseacademy.cirrusresearch.com

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Taking sound to the cloud with Quantum from Cirrus Research 12/05/2022

FOR MORE than five decades, health and safety practitioners have turned to noise monitoring equipment such as handheld sound level meters and personal noise dosimeters to assess noise levels in the workplace.

However, with more and more businesses choosing to operate from multiple sites as opposed to across one site, it’s possible that these more traditional methods of noise measurement and monitoring may no longer be the most efficient.

Quantum Indoor from Cirrus Research is a powerful remote noise monitoring solution with built-in cloud connectivity, perfect for continuous occupational noise monitoring, identifying the source and type of noise that is occurring, and highlighting where noise control measures are required.

With this instrument, it has never been easier to measure and monitor workplace noise continuously and remotely across one or multiple sites. 

Quantum provides health and safety practitioners with the power to create a network of interconnected instruments, where they can view and assess all noise data from numerous noise monitors on one platform, the option to view their data and status of monitors anywhere, at any time, on any device thanks to the Quantum portal powered by MyCirrus, and save time on travel by not having to physically be on-site to measure noise levels.

With Quantum Indoor, you can:

  • Link multiple units to form a cloud-connected network of noise monitors to make viewing the full picture of your workplace noise impacts easier.

  • View your live and historical data in the Quantum portal anytime, anywhere around the world on any device.

  • Create numerous audio triggers and notifications based on your personal set of conditions for acceptable noise emissions, and receive these notifications via email, SMS or push notification.

  • Use the frequency analysis screen on the Quantum portal to further view and analyse your noise data and better understand the exact nature of the noise.

  • Create detailed reports directly though the Quantum portal based on direct data captured by your Quantum Indoor units.

Who is it for and where can I use it?

Quantum’s acoustic monitoring capabilities are suitable for a wide range of applications from health and safety to smart buildings. It is ideal for use in factories and warehouses in the following ways: 

  • To monitor workplace noise at workstations, and in difficult to access places to assess the need for hearing protection and conservation.

  • For developing smart building acoustics where understanding sound leads to improved employee comfort, or helps give insights into real estate usage and how to optimise the use of space.

  • For condition checking of machinery, by monitoring sound levels continuously it becomes easier and quicker to identify changes in performance and detect any maintenance issues.

  • To monitor sound levels continuously inside properties affected by noise to understand when noise complaints occur and why.

The Quantum Portal; powered by MyCirrus

With the Quantum Portal there are no fixed fees or set up charges. With Cirrus Research, users are offered subscription packages that are flexible to fit in with your noise monitoring programme and your preferred level of usage. These flexible plans means that you have the ability to change your subscription up or down on a monthly basis. 

Powered by MyCirrus, this portal is suitable for all Quantum noise monitoring devices, and can also be used with other instruments such as the Cirrus Research Environmental Noise Measurement Kits.

Complement your existing noise management programme

With the ability to provide a greater level of control, make more intelligent decisions and reduce the need for unnecessary travel between multiple workplaces, Quantum Indoor is the perfect cloud-based noise monitoring instrument to complement your existing noise management programme.

Say “hello” to Quantum today and speak to the Cirrus Research noise experts to learn more.

Visit Cirrus Research at Safety & Health Expo on stand SH2618.


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Cirrus Research Plc is a leading specialist in the development and production of noise measurement instruments. Its latest scientific and technological developments are utilised to produce noise measurement instrumentation equipment to accurately measure noise and its impact. As an industry leader with more than 40 years experience in the UK and global markets, all of its products are manufactured in the UK and are used in a wide range of different applications within the construction, transport, aviation, manufacturing and leisure & sport sectors.Cirrus is part of the British Safety Industry Federation’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, identifying its organisation and products as ‘genuine and safe’, assuring customers that the products supplied are genuine, properly tested and certificated. Cirrus Research is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Registered Company.It offers an unrivalled "no quibble" 15 year warranty on all of its products, as well as full calibration services and training support for its clients. The popular dBAdvantage Card available with every new product purchased is another reason why clients continue to return to Cirrus, offering more than £1,000 of benefits through special training and discounts.