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Hand-arm vibration solution

03 March 2022

WITH MORE than 300 new cases of vibration-related injuries reported in 2019 alone, businesses need to closely monitor their employees' exposure to prevent avoidable injury and protect their organisation's reputation.

Monitoring vibration exposure is a health-and-safety-must to avoid the permanent health effects over-exposure can cause. Excessive exposure to vibration is usually transmitted into the hands and arms of workers using heavy machinery, power tools and vehicles.

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs) or Whole Body Vibration (WBV) can cause irreversible damage to muscles, joints, circulation and nerves. The HSE estimates that as many as 5 million people are already exposed to HAV in the workplace, with numbers increasing every year.

Cirrus Research introduces the Revo vibration meter - an easy-to-use and reliable vibration meter that can be used to measure and monitor both hand-arm and whole-body vibration levels.

Revo is compact and lightweight for easy deployment and has a clear full-colour display, allowing users to read data directly from the device. Users can then download their data to assess it further and create the reports required.

Revo meets all the requirements for human vibration meters in compliance with ISO 8041, enabling users to take compliant vibration measurements.

Revo makes vibration measurement, analysis and assessment effortless, enabling users to better protect their workforce from HAVs or WBV and protect their business from potential HSE prosecution.

Why should you choose Revo?

  • Hand-arm vibration meter in accordance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005
  • Whole-body vibration meter in accordance with ISO 2631
  • Four independent measuring channels with IEPE inputs and TEDS support
  • 3-channel FFT for the detection of main frequencies
  • Stores up to 10000 measurements and up to 1000 FFT measurements
  • Full-colour display showing running and interval measurement values
  • USB interface for quick download of your data
  • The complete measurement kit includes all the accessories required, including handle mounts for the Triaxial Accelerometer

Established in 1970, Cirrus Research continues to supply organisations worldwide with intuitive and easy-to-use instruments to help prevent and eradicate noise-induced hearing loss, environmental noise pollution, and hand-arm and whole-body vibration conditions. 

For more information, visit www.cirrusresearch.co.uk/products/revo-vibration-meter/