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Cirrus launches new portable noise monitor, Invictus

03 February 2014

Cirrus Environmental says it is leading the way in outdoor noise monitoring for 2014 with the launch of its new Invictus portable noise monitor.

After more than two years in development the Invictus has been designed specifically for environmental noise applications with all new functions, which is said to make it the most comprehensive noise monitoring device on the market today.

Developed by Cirrus Environmental’s own in-house R&D team, the Invictus allows simultaneous measurements of all parameters and can be controlled remotely via 3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi Ethernet or Radio Modems. Its flexible programming allows the user to set different measurement periods and alerts for different times of the day/ different days of the week for a comprehensive system that meets every noise related challenge. It can also deliver its data with audio recordings, SMS, email and twitter alerts to ensure the information can be gathered and delivered virtually real time – ideal for site managers who need to be alerted to breaches of pre-set limits as soon as possible.

"We know from our research that the clients wanted a system that allows full integration of weather data and video recording systems so we included additional inputs and outputs specifically for this application,” added Justin Barker, Sales Manager from Cirrus Environmental. "The team also ensured that the Noise-Hub2Software included allows the data to be downloaded, analysed and reports created easily and conveniently. It can run from a single PC, server or accessed through a web interface so the data is accessible as soon as it’s recorded.”

To find out more information please visit: www.cirrus-environmental.com. Cirrus Environmental can be contacted on 01723 891722 or via sales@cirrus-environmental.com.