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Sound solutions from Cirrus Research

03 September 2023

CIRRUS RESEARCH has been at the forefront of noise measurement technology for more than 50 years, providing state-of-the-art solutions that empower organisations to accurately assess and manage noise levels in diverse environments.

Its dedication to research and development has led to the creation of pioneering instruments that cater to a variety of monitoring needs, and the company is excited to be demonstrating these instruments at the Safety, Health and Wellbeing show in Farnborough on 27-28 September!


Visitors to its stand at the Safety, Health and Wellbeing show can expect to explore its comprehensive array of products, designed to address the complexities of on-site noise management, including:

  • Optimus Sound Level Meters – with their unmatched versatility and precision in sound level measurement, these devices come equipped with advanced features such as real-time octave band analysis, data logging capabilities and intuitive user interfaces.

  • doseBadge Noise Dosimeters – the instrument that revolutionised personal noise exposure monitoring. These compact, wearable instruments provide accurate data on an individual’s noise exposure throughout the day, ensuring compliance with occupational noise regulations. 

  • Environmental Noise Monitors – designed to seamlessly integrate into urban and industrial settings, offering continuous, real-time monitoring. These systems provide valuable insights into noise pollution and enable authorities to make informed decisions to create quieter environments.

  • Vibration Meters – the Revo vibration meter allows for the assessment of vibration exposure in various applications, safeguarding workers from potential health risks associated with excessive vibration in the workplace.

The Safety Health and Wellbeing Show

The company is thrilled to be participating in the SHW show, which is one of the most anticipated events for health and safety professionals. Its team are looking forward to being able to showcase the cutting-edge instruments that we have on offer and enhance your understanding of the management of noise and vibration.

You will be able to find its noise experts on Stand 134 at the event on 27-28 September.

For more information, visit www.cirrusresearch.co.uk