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Acoustic measurement specialist explores new horizons

29 July 2020

A British manufacturer has developed a new package that will help businesses and organisations mitigate the risks of returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, in turn helping the country to get back on its feet in the wake of the economic uncertainty the crisis has caused.

Acoustic measurement instrumentation manufacturer, Cirrus Research, has recently unveiled its latest product, the IR Sentinel. It is a non-contact fever detection and facial recognition system that can be deployed to any indoor environment to test people's temperatures as they enter their workplace.

Using German thermometry technology, the IR Sentinel can detect a person's temperature from up to two metres away and if connected to automated door entry or turnstile systems, can allow or refuse entry to someone if they present with a high temperature. The firm hopes that this system will help provide businesses with an added sense of safety and security as they attempt to navigate the uncertain route to reopening, as the UK continues to ease its lockdown restrictions.

Head of product development, Mark Swale, said: "This system is what businesses are going to need as we move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic. The IR Sentinel is incredibly easy to set up and use. The level of build quality and accuracy it offers provides business owners and their teams the reassurance they need as they start returning to work.

"Its ability to integrate into automatic entry systems provides the first line of defence against potential outbreaks in the workplace. Although it can't tell you if someone has COVID-19, it provides a clear indication of whether someone has one of the key symptoms and will prevent them from entering the building unchecked. This system will protect those whose job it is currently, to manually test people with a traditional handheld thermometer."

The move into temperature detection and facial recognition marks a shift from the 50-year pedigree of noise measurement that usually defines Cirrus Research.

Head of sales & marketing, Martin Ellison, explains this move and the decision to offer the IR Sentinel through the new brand, Cirrus Solutions: "In what is Cirrus Research's 50th anniversary year, it's essential to reflect on the fact that since 1970, the organisation's primary aim has been to protect people's health and well-being in the workplace and out in the community. We have the technical expertise and the global reach to help people regardless of what their occupational safety challenges are, and the introduction of IR Sentinel just demonstrates the commitment we have to our mission.

"The new Cirrus Solutions brand of Cirrus Research presents an exciting opportunity for the business to make more of its technical excellence and experience by offering solutions that resolve any health and safety or environmental monitoring challenges. For several years, we've had the ability to work with technology other than noise measurement, as demonstrated by our recent work with a UK automotive testing ground, which involved designing, building and installing a bespoke system to capture environmental condition data. We built this system to operate using Cirrus' Cloud technology, which allows us to provide a fully-managed solution, including data storage and management, and reporting.

"The challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented have spurred us on to evolve this aspect of the Cirrus business into something more widely-accessible, in the hope that more people can get the answers they need to the questions they're asking."

The COVID-19 pandemic came at a time when Cirrus Research was enjoying record levels of success, after fulfilling an unprecedented order for an international police force as well as making plans for the celebration of its 50th anniversary year. Despite the challenges the business has faced due to the pandemic, it has remained open for its customers. It is still recording strong sales figures, thanks in no small part to the dedication and commitment of its teams.

More information about the IR Sentinel can be found by visiting www.cirrusresearch.com/ir-sentinel