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Noise measurement explained

23 January 2013

Cirrus Research invites you to sign up for its noise measurement presentations in the Cirrus Research ‘sound tardis' at Safety & Health Expo...

Sign up for noise measurement presentations in the Cirrus Research 'sound tardis' at Safety & Health Expo.

Does noise monitoring confuse you? Have you got any specific questions about noise monitoring that you need answering? Cirrus Research will be holding a number of presentations at Safety & Health Expo 2012 to answer some of the most popular questions and myths surrounding noise measurement including:

• Comparing HML and Octave Bands - ever wondered what the difference is between HML and Octave Bands? This session explains the difference between the two types of measurement and which one to use when choosing different types of hearing protection

• Comparing noise dosimeter and sound level meter measurements - this session will provide an insight into the different measurements that these two types of equipment provide and which applications they are suitable for

• What are the different noise parameters that you see on a sound level meter? - this practical demonstration will show attendees what measurements look like when noise is being recorded such as the difference between MAX and PEAK noise values

• How long should I measure for? - an in depth look into how different noise sources need different measurement times

Each presentation will last between 15 and 20 minutes and will involve the use of different noise sources and instruments to illustrate the different topics. Held within the Cirrus Research 'sound tardis', participants will be able to try out the different range of noise measurement instruments first hand to understand how to carry out noise measurement and how to use the results for various different applications.

To register for these presentations please visit: www.cirrus-sound-tardis.com