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Cirrus doseBadge gets new pricing

16 September 2018

Protecting your workers from occupational noise just got easier and cheaper thanks to a new deal being offered on the Cirrus Research doseBadge.

Cirrus Research has been protecting workers’ hearing for nearly 50 years but it helped to revolutionise the sector 20 years ago when it introduced the first wireless personal noise dosimeter badge to the UK market. Not only did its first doseBadge make the process of monitoring workers’ exposure to noise far simpler, it made it much more cost-effective at the same time.

The doseBadge still is the only noise dosimeter without buttons or a display, meaning that its readings are more accurate than other instruments as the data recorded can’t be tampered with. Comprising of a single compact unit, the doseBadge weighs in at a mere 0.051 kg (1.8oz) and is made from robust materials, making it the perfect instrument to measure the personal noise exposure of workers and employees across all industries, in all types of locations.

As with any technology, the doseBadge has evolved over the past two decades with seven versions making up the current range to suit a variety of needs and budgets. The doseBadge 4, in particular, has withstood the test of time and continues to offer a durable no-nonsense solution. The overall package has now been enhanced by Cirrus Research with an attractive 30% price reduction, so even more customers can afford to invest in the noise monitoring technology they need to protect their workers from noise-induced hearing loss and other noise-related health conditions. The full range can be seen at: https://dosebadge.com/

Cirrus Research Group Marketing Manager Tom Shelton said: “Whether you’re a Health and Safety Officer who needs to measure the noise exposure of workers in a factory to ensure you’re compliant, or you work in the entertainment industry and need to know what PPE to provide your stage crew with, the Cirrus doseBadge is a versatile and robust piece of equipment that’s capable of delivering the information you need in a simple but effective way. With our new pricings for the doseBadge 4, the solution to monitoring occupational noise is now within financial reach of so many sectors and SMEs.”

Why Choose this doseBadge?:

  • Simple yet durable design means your investment is an easy-to-operate long-term solution to your noise measuring needs
  • Easy to expand kit with the option of adding multiple doseBadges, enabling you to measure several employees’ exposure to noise, providing you with a wider range of data for more accurate results
  • No controls or displays, making the device tamperproof
  • Integrated internal microphone, meaning the most important component is always protected against damage
  • Comes with licence-free NoiseTools software that can create reports for you based on your data
  • 5-way charging dock available so you can make sure all your devices are always ready to deploy
  • Industry-specific attachments are available including shoulder clips, hard hat attachments, and pin attachments

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