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Trade-in offer with air monitoring device

06 December 2023

THE BRAND new Ranger from Aeroqual Ltd is a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for accurate air quality readings.

A pioneering platform of integrated instrumentation and software developed in New Zealand, this handheld device can monitor dust and gas in real-time, with a long battery life and a large memory capacity.

The Ranger is ideal for applications including industrial hygiene, IAQ testing, ambient air quality testing, remediation and construction, perimeter monitoring, vapour intrusion and process monitoring.

Its swapable sensor heads mean it can detect up to 15 indoor and outdoor hazards and pollutants including Particulate Matter: PM1, PM2.5, Respirable, PM10 and TSP and Gases: CO, CO2, NO2, VOCs, O3, SO2, H2, H2S, CI2, CH20, CH4, NMHCs, NH3 and C2CI4. Using integrated wi-fi and USB features, data can be monitored and transferred remotely, making it a perfect for extended fieldwork.

For a limited time only, Shawcity is offering a £450 discount off the Aeroqual Ranger RRP when you trade in any handheld dust monitor from any manufacturer between now and 31 January 2024. 

For further product information, to discuss the trade-in offer or request a demo, contact solutions@shawcity.co.uk or visit www.shawcity.co.uk