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The Evac+Chair 500

28 March 2017

United Kingdom based Evac+Chair International is the world’s leading supplier and original manufacturer of evacuation chairs.

The chairs are designed to accommodate disabled or mobility impaired people, allowing them to descend a staircase(s) in an emergency situation without the need of great physical strength or lifting. They are able to provide free on site surveys where they will analyse your fire exit routes and suggest the best chair for you stair ways.

The Evac + Chair 500 is a two person operational evacuation chair. This is an enhanced version of the Evac + Chair with an increased passenger payload capacity of 227kg and for use on steep stairs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bariatric Capability
  • Increased payload
  • Large rear wheels fitted as standard for prolonged and external use
  • Easy to use – One or two person operation
  • Made in the UK

Evac+Chair provide comprehensive training to ensure the effective use of its products, instilling confidence and safety to disabled or mobility impaired users and those assisting. Each training session is tailored to suit a specific range of highlighted risks.

For more information on the Evac + Chair product range and training, please visit www.evac-chair.co.uk