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Health and safety: a top priority

28 September 2016

Health and safety should be a top priority in any organisation as they are required to invest in keeping their workers safe from harm and illness.

For one, firms have a moral and ethical duty to protect their staff. The impact of an accident at work can not only physically and mentally affect the person that gets hurt, but it can also cause distress to their family and friends, negatively influencing their home and social lives.

There could be other, hidden consequences of an accident, such as a fall in staff morale or a negative impact on corporate reputation.

Whatever the reason, organisations need to invest in health and safety and by having RoSPA membership you not only show your support for our charitable mission, but you also gain a wide range of advice, support and knowledge.

Membership enables you to access the RoSPA Infocentre - a unique, invaluable archive that can help to answer almost any health and safety query, usually within 48 hours. Should you have a specialist query and wish to speak to a RoSPA consultant, as a member you can benefit from 30 minutes of free telephone consultancy per year.

Unique discounts are available to all RoSPA members, such as up to 10 per cent off all occupational safety in-company and open training courses, up to 10 per cent off RoSPA consultancy for services such as safety audits and risk assessments, and up to 15 per cent off entrance to the prestigious annual RoSPA Health and Safety Awards.

You will become part of the safety community, and receive free subscription to one or more of our safety journals, while e-bulletins on specific topics of interest can also be requested direct to your inbox.

By joining RoSPA, your organisation can demonstrate its commitment to safety by displaying the exclusive RoSPA Member logo on all material, including your fleet vehicles.

To become a member, see www.rospa.com/joinrospa or call 0121 248 2051.