04 April 2016

How safety can stand out in industrial environments

There is a common theme to the logos of the following tech giants: Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Skype, IBM, LinkedIn, HP? That theme is the colour blue.

Blue, you see, is trustworthy. It is loyal and strong and dependable. For technology companies, where users place their confidence and, quite often, their personal details, trust is (almost) everything.

So blue is the colour.

For the record, red is emotional and passionate – hungry for a reaction. See Coca-Cola, CNN, Levi’s, Nintendo. Green? Safe. Healthy. ASDA, BP, Starbucks.

But for companies with a health and safety focus, colours are used less subliminally and much more practically. Would it be, for example, prudent to install a safety barrier in a deep indigo? Or a dark, rich shade of caramel? Perhaps not.

Why? Because safety barriers should be seen. Safety barriers should stand-out. Safety barriers should, at their very core, put prevention of accidents as a priority. They do this, quite simply, by their visual prominence, both in colour, but also in size.

And the most visually attention-grabbing colour to humans? Yellow. A bright, shining yellow. If you’re interested in the science, it’s something to do with the human eye, rods, cones, filtering and light receptors.

But the science doesn’t matter much in a busy warehouse, or airport, or food and drink facility, or automotive plant, where forklift drivers simply need to be guided and protected by the barriers installed.

All of which explains why A-SAFE, the inventors of the world’s first, fixed, polymer-based barrier system, use a specially-selected, high-visibility yellow as standard on their products.

The A-SAFE Yellow stands out, it guides, it protects. And although A-SAFE barriers will always withstand impact forces from vehicles in the workplace, the sheer visual prominence of the company’s barriers prevents accident after accident.

That’s not to say A-SAFE can’t create barriers in any colour, should a company’s aesthetic demand it – but when it comes to the basics of facility safety, yellow is most definitely the brightest choice.

To contact A-SAFE about the full, award-winning safety barrier range, please contact sales on 01422 344402 or email sales@asafe.com