Taking the strain

16 October 2015

Commercial vehicle lift supplier, Stertil Koni has introduced a specially-designed system for the lifting of agricultural vehicles and machinery.

The new agricultural vehicle lifting system has been developed around Stertil Koni’s acclaimed range of wireless mobile column lifts and incorporates a number of special adapters and accessories to simplify maintenance, repair and servicing operations. These include adjustable wheel clamps and wider cross beams plus ‘pin and ball’ tow hitches.

Depending on the size and weight of vehicles to be lifted, which may include tractors, excavators, combine harvesters and trailers, multiple column lifts may be used in any configuration to achieve the required total lifting capacity and optimum weight distribution. Safe and efficient lifting is controlled by a workshop engineer using 7” full colour touch screens mounted on the mobile lifts. Importantly, simultaneous lifting and lowering of all wireless lifts within the set is controlled from any one of the touch screens.

The Stertil Koni agricultural vehicle lifting system has been designed for lifting on vehicles’ axles or tyres to provide excellent flexibility and versatility. Also, by incorporating the use of wireless, mobile column lifts, trailing cables are eliminated thereby removing the risk of tripping.

"Our new agricultural vehicle lifting system means that mechanics and service engineers no longer have to rely on cranes and hoists or even lie on their backs to access the underside of vehicles and trailers,” says Tony Edge, Stertil Koni’s general manager. "Whilst specialist vehicle lifting equipment is now commonplace in most workshops, the agricultural industry has tended to lag behind in the use of such technology.  We are confident that our new lifting system will prove to be invaluable as more and more engineers become aware of its many advantages and benefits.”