Hearing check kiosk

09 March 2015

Hearing damage caused by exposure to noise at work is irreversible and can have a devastating impact - severely deaf people are four times more likely to be unemployed than the general population.

Research estimates that over 2 million people are exposed to noise levels at work that may be harmful, with industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy and water supply claiming the largest number of Noise Induced Hearing Loss disablement benefits. Industrial hearing loss also remains the occupational disease with the highest number of civil reports, accounting for about 75% of all occupational disease claims.


In order to help businesses identify and prevent employee hearing loss, safety specialist Arco has developed, in conjunction with CluisTROM, its own Hearing Check Kiosk. Comprising of a stand, software, touch screen tablet and headset, the entire hearing surveillance package allows for hearing tests to be undertaken by employees on site.

Lasting between 10-15 minutes, Arco’s Hearing Check Screening monitors for tonal hearing loss by playing sounds at different frequencies to each ear. Frequencies tested range from 250, 500, 1000, 4000 and 6000 Hz. The results are immediate and are illustrated by an in-depth audiogram that identifies an employees hearing thresholds. The full results are then securely stored on file and can be sent direct to two separate email addresses. If hearing loss is detected, a referral can also be made for the employee to have full screening by CluisTROM audiologists.

Without the need to organise third party suppliers, Arco says its Hearing Check Kiosk requires little maintenance; with software updates only required once a year. Additional training and support can also be provided by CluisTROM or Arco’s Hearing Technical Specialist.

Noise induced hearing loss is permanent, disabling and wholly preventable. Through carrying out regular hearing surveillance monitoring, employees will be given the best possible chance of living their life to the full.