Reference for electricians

17 February 2015

Martindale Electric describes its latest catalogue as the essential reference for all electricians and maintenance personnel working on electrical equipment and installations and those involved in ensuring safe isolation.

Featuring more than 300 items of electrical and environmental test equipment and accessories, the 64 page, full-colour glossy catalogue is also available in a digital format on Martindale's website

Organised in 12 categories, specification and application information is printed next to each product. The 'New Products' section showcases the 25 newly introduced products including three high specification clamp meters in the CM range. There are also new single pole and two pole voltage testers in the VT range which are said to exceed the requirements of the latest safety standards and offer new levels of functionality and ease of use.

Martindale has always been an innovator in test equipment with many firsts; including the first ever ring main socket tester, first self-proving non-contact voltage indicator and many more. Information on the latest new safety features of the industry standard VI-13700/2 voltage indicator is included. The new model number VI-13800 has the fuse replaced by a high wattage resistor in the probe, providing protection where it's needed, in the handheld probe assembly rather than just in the body of the instrument. According to Martindale, this approach provides superior protection in the event of cable damage.  

The new catalogue also gives a more detailed review of the compliance requirements for voltage indicators to the latest release of BSEN61243-3:2010 and GS38.

Martindale products are available from all good wholesalers and all products have a 2 year warranty.