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45 years in business

30 January 2014

Pulsar Instruments celebrates its 45th anniversary in February.

Since its inception as an engineer-led concern in Silicon Valley, USA in 1969, Pulsar Instruments has seen extraordinary growth and success in the field of occupational noise monitoring. 

 It was the first company to display the sound level on the scale of a sound level meter and the permitted sound exposure which, at the time, was revolutionary. It also pioneered the use of integrated circuitry in place of transistors. Based permanently in Yorkshire, the company now sells its products to more than 45 countries and has forged relationships with some of the biggest brands in the industrial, entertainment, transport and construction industries.

"Our innovative technology and strong desire to expand our business globally have certainly been key factors, but the real foundation of our success lies in the long-term relationships we have established with health and safety professionals, safety consultants and company owners," said managing director Sarah Brack.

 "We have always existed not only as a vendor of noise measurement products but as a company with a strong commitment towards continuous research and development to benefit the industries we serve. In our first 45 years, we have evolved with our customers and their markets, delivering noise measurement solutions that help employers comply with UK and International Noise at Work Regulations."

The company is expected to increase its portfolio of noise measurement products in coming years in order to meet its growth objectives.