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Contactless noise exposure measurement with the NoisePen Dosemeter

11 January 2021

WITH THE innovative NoisePen Dosemeter from Pulsar Instruments, you can capture, record, and calculate workers’ noise exposure easily over a longer period of time. Ideal for use within social distancing restrictions.

This Personal Sound Exposure Meter has no cables, displays, or controls, and needs no separate reader unit, making it simple to use and the perfect solution for monitoring occupational noise for over 30 hours at a time.

The NoisePen Dosemeter has the ability for users to pre-programme the start and stop times for a timed measurement up to 28 days in advance. This means that the dosemeter can be left out for the user to wear or even put in the post and sent to remote workers. This feature allows for a truly contactless operation, an option that is becoming increasingly important to businesses in all sectors during the pandemic.

This device also offers accurate measurements over a large dynamic range (70-140dB(A)), a recharge time of 4 hours and multiple wearable mounting options.

As with many of the Pulsar noise measurement instruments, the NoisePen comes with license-free access to Pulsar’s outstanding analysis and reporting software, AnalyzerPlus. AnalyzerPlus provides users with full analysis of time history data and sound exposure levels to give you the overall occupational noise exposure for your employees, and creates compliant noise assessment reports in just a few clicks. 

Ideal for lone workers, night shift workers, employees operating in several locations or in confined spaces, the NoisePen Dosemeter from Pulsar Instruments will make measuring occupational noise easier than ever before. 

Find out more and make your purchase today: https://pulsarinstruments.com/en/product/personal-sound-exposure-meter-noisepen