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Cirrus Research tunes into music and entertainment

10 May 2013

Cirrus Research, experts in the creation and production of noise measurement instruments, recently sponsored Southampton Solent University's first conference on Noise in Music and Entertainment.

This one-day conference hosted by Solent Acoustics, the professional acoustics consultancy arm of Southampton Solent University, is designed to benefit anybody who may be affected by, or needs to improve their understanding of noise from entertainment, whether planning an event, managing premises, providing technical services or dealing with compliance and regulation.

The event featured four presentations from industry experts and an industry-specific trade show. The presentations were given by Andy Shiach of Advanced Communication Solutions, Jim Griffiths of Vanguardia consulting, Chris Turner of Adnitt Acoustics and Michael White of Test Valley Borough Council.

Commenting on the sponsorship, James Tingay, group marketing manager at Cirrus
Research said: 'The Noise in Music and Entertainment Conference was a great opportunity for Cirrus Research to network with key figures in the music and entertainment business. We very much enjoyed meeting visitors to the event who are as passionate and committed as we are to ensure that levels of noise at music and entertainment events don't adversely affect those involved in the industry or people who wish to enjoy it.'

James continued: 'Cirrus Research offers a range of products that help to protect musicians, sound engineers, event organisers and a wide range of people involved in the music and entertainment world. Our product range includes the Optimus noise level meters and doseBadge Noise Dosemeter.'