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DC Storm LPG

06 September 2019

Dustcontrol UK’s new and innovative propane-driven DC Storm LPG can be operated without cables, lasting up to eight hours; making it ideal for environments with a limited supply of electricity such as tunnels, railways and warehouses.

The robust machine's 15 kW/21hp motor has the capacity to manage dust extraction in conjunction with work involving large-scale concrete construction and brickwork projects.

It can be used to extract harmful dust created from floor grinders, hammer drills, scarifiers or cutting machines in any kind of surface preparation, demolition and renovation work. It can also perform heavy-duty cleaning with a long suction hose.

In addition to operating without electricity, the DC Storm LPG is also High (H) class, meaning it offers a higher degree of filtration, with a filter leakage of less than 0.005%. Equipped with a HEPA H13 filter, it comfortably exceeds UK minimum standards for silica dust and other harmful properties.

The compact machine also comes equipped with USB-charging ports, LED lighting and forklift pockets, making it easy to transport.

Being run on propane makes the high performance, gas-powered extractor an environmentally friendly option, as opposed to fossil derived electric.