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Dustcontrol UK has over 45 years of experience in developing dust extraction solutions and centralised vacuum systems to fit client requirements in the manufacturing, construction and engineering industries. They are experts in capturing dust at its source - both where and when it’s created.

The company offers a complete service package, including accessories and spare parts, so you can trust it will be there to assist you as you focus on your core business. Dustcontrol UK’s main goals are to help you achieve an efficient production process, increase productivity, improve product quality and promote a safe working environment. The fact is that everything runs so much more smoothly when you avoid being stopped or disturbed by dust and other pollutants, not to mention the better air quality that is the result of professional dust extraction. In short, the firm supplies portable machines and stationary extraction systems to help companies all over the world to achieve better results. Its product range consists of portable dust extractors for industrial and construction use, fixed extraction installations, discharge arrangements and accessories. Ultimately, it supplies a complete range of products and accessories for large and small companies in all types of industries.


DC-11 Module

The DC 11-Module is a complete central unit for source extraction and industrial cleaning. The unit can manage just about every kind of dust and chip you can imagine, and when properly equipped, your coolants and emulsions too.

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DC Storm LPG

Dustcontrol UK’s new and innovative propane-driven DC Storm LPG can be operated without cables, lasting up to eight hours; making it ideal for environments with a limited supply of electricity such as tunnels, railways and warehouses.

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DC Tromb 400

The DC Tromb 400 is our most powerful 1-phase dust extractor up to now. It is designed to cope with both the demands for a clean and healthy working environment and handheld power tools which are more effective than ever.

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DC 2900

The DC 2900 is Dustcontrol’s most popular dust extractor. It is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws.

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DC 1800

The DC 1800 eco is suitable for general cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws. The DC 1800 eco is small, lightweight and ideal for those that need a highly portable machine that is powerful enough for source extraction.

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Good For Food

Dustcontrol UK’s Good For Food (GFF) brushes and nozzles are approved for food surface contact and the system for food transport, being both FDA compliant and the European equivalent.

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DC AirCube 2000

The DC AirCube 2000 is a robust air cleaner with ECO-fan and a capacity of 1800m3/h which makes it our most powerful single-phase air cleaner. It is also equipped with variable speed transmission to save energy, e.g. at night.

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DC AirCube 500

The DC AirCube 500 has been developed for ease of use and high durability. It is built from stainless steel sheet metal to be extra damage resistant.

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