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Gloves from plastic waste

10 January 2022

DUE TO the increased awareness of plastic pollution in recent years, there is a growing demand and a genuine drive in the market to find innovative ways to deal with plastic waste.

Consumers expect more from manufacturers who are responding to the challenge by inventing or reinventing the way everyday items are produced.

The glove industry is no different and PolycoHealthline has been hard at work designing, sourcing, prototyping and launching new greener more sustainable solutions for the PPE industry.

The company says its Polyflex Eco gloves range are the first reusable gloves in the market made from recycled plastic water bottles offering both dexterity, comfort and a solution to our global plastic waste problem

Yes, you read this correctly, plastic bottles turned into gloves! An innovation that turns WASTE plastic into protective gloves.

While each pair of its general handling Polyflex Eco gloves are made of 1 x 500ml plastic bottle, its last thermal glove addition is made of 2.5 recycled plastic bottle.

Polyflex Eco gloves offer a greener and more sustainable way to protect your hands while not compromising on quality and performance. This means that we now have the power to divert thousands of plastic water bottles from landfill or from our oceans.

By using recycled material, the manufacture of Polyflex Eco gloves also produces 50% less C02 emission, uses three times less water and consumes less crude oil.

In fact, the Polyflex Eco gloves are offering environmental benefits every step of the way and will have less of an impact on our planet through the entire life journey of the gloves.

For further information, visit www.polycohealthline.com - Quote HSMWinter22