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BSIF Award shortlisted glove at Health and Safety Event

03 April 2023

POLYCO HEALTHLINE is proud to announce that Armor Guard The BEAR glove has been shortlisted for this year’s BSIF Safety Awards in the Product Innovation PPE category.

The company brought to market the first seamless knitted cut and impact resistant glove, that has a completely waterproof membrane. An ISO cut E glove, with hot and cold protection, a Velcro cuff, touch screen enabled, impact resistant and made in part from recycled plastic. All without affecting wearability, durability and dexterity.

The BEAR combines three breakthrough technologies: recycled PET yarn (rPET), cut resistant rPET yarn blending and waterproof membranes. The layered bonding process of a waterproof membrane within a cut resistant shell represents a step-change in hand protection.

The company says, “Developed with the offshore market in mind, where workers are faced with extremely tough environments and unforgiving outdoors conditions. We believe that by developing a glove in conjunction with the toughest application on earth, we can offer a solution that can be used in the widest set of other sectors imaginable.” 

The BEAR has been constructed to make sure that all hazards are addressed ensuring that there are no injuries as a result of not wearing correct PPE.

70% of hand injuries happen when the worker is not wearing gloves; often because gloves are too thick or cumbersome, not comfortable enough, too hot or not warm enough, wrongly suited for weather conditions. Until now glove waterproofing had to rely on cut-and-sewn styles that created bulky/stiff gloves or dual-coated nitrile layers that restricted movement. The BEAR waterproof membrane technology within a seamless knitted liner create a glove unparalleled in comfort.

The offshore energy industry is undeniably one of the most dangerous occupations in the world with the fatality rate nearly eight times the national workplace average. As such decision makers often focus on primary hazards, be it cut resistance or abrasion resistance. However, some gloves on the market achieve this at the sacrifice of dexterity. The BEAR cut resistant outer shell uses new technology of rPET & cut material yarn engineering that creates a glove unparalleled in dexterity in the waterproof and impact space.

Another key factor often overlooked, and closely linked to dexterity is grip. Grip should consider ambient conditions, apparatus conditions and gripping surfaces. Offshore weather can play a huge role in grip, rainwater mixed with oil and sludge can be nothing short of lethal. In the wind power sector, workers servicing nacelles must work outside in all weathers. Fall arrest PPE is often given good consideration, however PPE that reduces the risk of a fall is often overlooked. Gloves with excellent dexterity and grip will allow the wearer to feel the rungs, reducing the tendency to ‘over grip’ causing premature fatigue and increased likelihood of accidents. 

Nylon or polyester is usually the yarn of choice in glove manufacturing. These materials are oil derivatives. Our all-in-one solution is made from recycled plastic which helps reduce our reliance on virgin polyester as part of our #phAMBITION for a greener planet. 

Choosing hand protection that is of a relevant colour can reduce premature discarding due to gloves appearing dirty. This is particularly important in offshore drilling where seabed sludge can make a glove appear dirty almost instantly. The BEAR was developed with this in mind as often the most efficient way to be more conscious of the environment is to reduce unnecessary consumption.

The company is will be running demonstrations at the Health & Safety Event in Birmingham, HALL3/E50. Visit its stand to discover more about The BEAR.

For further information, please contact Polyco Healthline on 03333 208550 or visit www.polycohealthline.com