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Call for funding for NHS staff mental health hubs

26 July 2023

THE RCN has joined forces with the British Psychological Society and other health organisations to raise serious concerns about the lack of continued funding for psychological support for NHS staff.

RCN has signed a letter written by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to health secretary Steve Barclay and NHS England to express concerns about the provision of psychological and wellbeing support for staff working in the NHS in England. 

The letter says that the level of funding provided to allow the NHS to give staff the care and support they need must be reconsidered and it has requested further discussion with the government and NHS England on the issue. 

The letter highlights that just £2.3m has been allocated for funding staff mental health support for the remainder of 2023/24. Data on the operation of NHS staff mental health and wellbeing hubs shows that this level of funding is inadequate to ensure staff are properly supported.  

The hubs were set up in the NHS in England to provide rapid access to free, confidential assessment and local mental health services and support where needed.  

The RCN has raised concerns about the closure of mental health hubs previously. In May, RCN reported that a third of mental health hubs have closed, leaving a million workers without specialist help, despite the escalating mental health crisis among nursing staff. Read more.