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Safesite scores at Wolves

02 September 2019

A solution from Safesite is enabling Wolverhampton Wanderers FC to ensure that videographers filming sessions at its training grounds can do so safely from the building's rooftops.

Following a significant redevelopment of its Sir Jack Haywards Training Grounds, Wolves wanted to be able to analyse its training sessions and show off its improved grounds to the full extent by filming the training sessions. In order to do so, it required a safe access solution that would allow the videographers to safely walk from the offices to a flat roof area where much of the filming would take place. Due to an existing relationship with Safesite after the company installed a lifeline system at the facility in 2001, the Club’s Health & Safety Manager approached Safesite once again to provide a safety solution.

Following a thorough site survey, several solutions were recommended. A Kee Walk Step-over was put in place from the office balcony and led onto a Kee Walk walkway which provides a safe, demarcated route to the flat roof area. This is anti-slip and is suitable to walk on in various weather conditions. Safesite also recommended that a bespoke access platform be constructed on the roof to allow training sessions to be filmed from multi-angles in complete safety. Lastly, KeeGuard has also been installed to provide edge protection to the exposed edge on the roof.

“Everybody in the training team at the Club is more than happy with the final solution provided by Safesite” explains Head of Performance Analysis. Having worked with Safesite before, Wolves knew they were in safe hands. The solutions have resulted in the Club being able to video the training sessions from multi-angles and at height, giving them the best results with great perspective of the sessions whilst, most importantly, keeping the team safe.

Kee Walk Step-overs are modular systems that can accommodate changes in roof levels and can fit over pipework or equipment to offer a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface onto and across roofs. With adjustable step sections, and non-penetrative fixing options, the step-overs have the inherent flexibility to not only protect those accessing the roof, but to also protect the roof sheet from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage by providing a clearly defined access path. There is the ability to meet virtually any design requirement, with the end result always being a safe, secure and compliant access platform.

Kee Walk provides an anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone requiring access to a roof as well as a demarcation route which protects the roof surface from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage. Kee Walk is designed for use on flat, barrel and sloping roofs and features step and traverse options to allow access to be created for virtually any roof configuration from 0 to 35°. The system can be either free standing or fixed to the roof covering and is designed with open tread to ensure that water drains away effectively. Each tread is manufactured in high grade glass reinforced nylon with enhanced slip resistance for adverse weather conditions. Kee Walk's modular design uses standard pre-assembled lengths and standard stair treads making it easy and cost effective to install.

Compatible with a range of roof membranes, including concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane, metal and felt, KeeGuard offers a free-standing roof edge protection system capable of keeping workers on the roof safe without endangering the roof membrane itself. It does not penetrate the roof surface and can be used on flat roofs up to 10° slope. Employing a proven counterweight system, KeeGuard combines a non-slip secure base with galvanised fittings and tube arranged in a modular configuration. Fully modular and versatile enough to adapt to most roof edge profiles and level changes, sections can be easily taken down and re-erected as necessary.

Bespoke access platforms are designed to customer requirements to provide safe access to areas where off the shelf fabricated platforms or other systems like ladders are not suitable. The access platforms are custom built and can be designed up to 3m in height. When higher access is required, the platform is constructed with the addition of an extra support arm. Platforms are compliant with recognised international standards and constructed using either cast iron or aluminium tubular fittings.