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Work at height competency

23 January 2013

Companies have a legal obligation to ensure that work equipment is safe to use at all times...

Companies have a legal obligation to ensure that work equipment is safe to use at all times. This is essential when it comes to fall protection equipment as faulty equipment could easily result in serious injury or even death. So when it comes to the selection, installation and recertification of work at height solutions, competency should not be compromised, even if it means the work costs more.

Unfortunately this is often not the case and all too often we come across equipment that has been installed or recertified which is clearly unsafe to use. Common problems include brackets on a lifeline system that have been fitted incorrectly, guardrails that have had additional equipment attached to it after installation or been installed incorrectly and incompatible PPE combinations.

If an accident occurs and it is found that the equipment is faulty then you can be held accountable so it is crucial to ensure equipment is installed correctly and inspected at least annually by a competent person.

When selecting a company to carry out the work always look for one that can demonstrate its competency and experience. This will normally be through regular staff training as well as membership of industry bodies who regularly evaluate the company's performance including staff professionalism, products and services, environmental impact and health and safety record. If the company is unable to show its competency, then the chances are the work will be below an acceptable standard.

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