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Safer night-time manoeuvring

24 February 2021

M GROUP Services Plant & Fleet Solutions, the specialist utility services provider, is specifying Labcraft’s underbody Banksman lighting system which illuminates when reversing to improve safety during night-time manoeuvring.

Banksman ECE-R23, the World’s first Regulation 23-compliant manoeuvring lamp, has been designed by Labcraft to improve safety of employees and the public while reducing vehicle accidents and collisions incurred when manoeuvring. This in turn helps to increase productivity and reduce costs; repair costs, costs associated with vehicle downtime and insurance premiums.

“This is all about safety” says Jeremy Harrison executive director for M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions. “We have a long-established culture that continuously focuses on safety, operational delivery, efficiency and customer service. This lighting system from Labcraft fits well with our safety policy. It is consistent with our high standards of compliance and innovation across the commercial vehicle fleet.”

Mounted at various points around the chassis, the Banksman system delivers additional bright, white light around the vehicle to areas where conventional reversing lights cannot reach. It is suitable for any vehicle required to work in areas of darkness or poor light and simple to install to pre-registered vehicles or for retrofitting to existing fleets. 

For more information, visit www.labcraft.co.uk