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Labcraft exterior lights for ambulance sector

05 December 2019

Labcraft's Scenelite range of exterior vehicle lights now includes ‘fit & forget’ solutions designed specifically for the ambulance market.

Colour-matched to Ambulance Yellow RAL1016, this latest LED scene lighting range utilises the latest Cree LED technology, combined with Labcraft’s technical expertise, to provide a vital area lighting solution for this critical industry sector.

SI6 Scenelite Ambulance exterior lighting

The Scenelite range of exterior vehicle LED lights are weatherproof to IP67, are all e-type approved and offer a variety of light levels ranging up to an impressive >800 lux @ 1 metre. Their special design allows light projections to cover an area from a substantial 20m2 through to an extensive 50m2.  Good thermal management is also a very important factor when it comes down to LED lighting of this calibre as it has a direct effect on the useable life of the light.

Labcraft’s expertise in this discipline ensures that light output is maintained throughout the >100,000 hour life of the light, offering a true ‘fit & forget’ lighting solution.

With a genuine Labcraft LED lighting product, the company says you not only have the assurance of durability and resilience, you also benefit from the following:

  • Reduced vehicle lifetime cost – no replacement costs; product & labour
  • Reduced vehicle downtime – less time off the road due to failures
  • Increased safety – a bright, wide spread of light
  • UK manufacture –  high quality and consistency of supply
  • 10-year warranty – a true ‘fit & forget’ lighting solution